Going Turbo: A Wreck-It Ralph Fanfiction

He's alive. Of course he's alive. One does not simply defeat Turbo, the greatest racer ever. Will he change? Or will he continue being the ever-present virus? (Takes place three months after Wreck-It Ralph. Contains major - and I mean major - spoilers to the movie. Only pairing I'm using is Hero's Cuties (Felix X Calhoun)


6. Chapter Six: Regrets

"Are you serious?!"

Vanellope smiled at him in a way that was meant to look apologetic but only came across as smug and self-satisfied. "Sorry, Helmet Head, ya haven't gotten me to trust you yet."

Anger was quickly replaced by desperation. "I've been here for a freaking month and I haven't done anything wrong, nor do I plan to, so why won't you let me go to Game Central Station and see if the rumors are true?!"

"Sorry, Turbs, but it's easier to forgive than forget." her tone announced way too obviously that she was not sorry at all.

"How long am I going to be forced to deal with this insufferable candy-coated wasteland, anyway?" Turbo finally asked in defeat.

"Just for calling my game insufferable and a wasteland, you get fifteen years added to your sentence."

Turbo's jaw dropped. "Fifteen years?!?!"

"Well, that's how long I was unable to leave the game. Why not you? Give you a taste of your own medicine."

Turbo groaned and put a hand over his face. Never before had he regretted treating Vanellope so badly . . . heck, she'd proven she deserved it once or twice.

"But if you want, I can send someone to look for the twins for you."

He looked at her hopefully.

"But only if you prove you won't try to take over again."

Well, I am a pretty good liar, he felt bad for what he was about to do for some reason. For some reason, he felt guilty that he was about to betray the blind trust of the girl that had saved his life even though he didn't deserve it.

But there was no way he was giving up his plan, no matter how badly he wanted to see the twins. He could never agree to this truthfully.

"All right, kid." he held out a hand.

Vanellope shook it with a huge smile, only making Turbo feel worse. Stop it, Turbo. She doesn't matter. Just another casualty.

He was able to drown the guilt . . . for now.

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