Going Turbo: A Wreck-It Ralph Fanfiction

He's alive. Of course he's alive. One does not simply defeat Turbo, the greatest racer ever. Will he change? Or will he continue being the ever-present virus? (Takes place three months after Wreck-It Ralph. Contains major - and I mean major - spoilers to the movie. Only pairing I'm using is Hero's Cuties (Felix X Calhoun)


9. Chapter Nine: Internal Conflict

(A/N: Egad, an update? No, Vanillatastic will not be a pairing besides as friends. This fanfiction does contain Turbo X OC, though.)

"Is this really worth it?"

Turbo glared at the ground. He had been talking to himself for the last several hours, going through the pros and cons of each possible next move.

"I could always just break out and change the code, but what happens if I get caught? I doubt I'm in the code anymore, and she could always just execute me. I won't regenerate. I'll never get the chance to see the twins either."

His conscience . . . or insanity, whatever you want to call it . . . chose that moment to speak up. You'd also be betraying Vanellope's trust.

"Shut up, I don't care about her."

If you didn't care, then why would you be thinking about her?

"I'm not."

I'm your mind, genius, if I'm talking about her then you're thinking about her.

"For Litwack's sake, would you shut up?"


Turbo groaned and slammed his head into the wall. "How long until the arcade closes, anyway?"

Twelve hours.

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