NAKED(One Direction fanfic)

Annah and Lauren are having some special guests coming over. You guessed it The biggest boyband in the world One Direction. But what happens when four of them fall head over heals for annah?


6. Chapter 6

Author's P.O.V

Annah thought choosing Dave was the best decision she had ever made or so she thought. The first few weeks they seemed happy as could be, he surprised her with flowers nearly everyday and took her to dinner, movies, amusement parks and parties. All seemed good until one night at a party, where Dave was drunk and seen a guy talking to Annah and didn't seem to happy about that. He walked up and hit her across the face in front of all those people, some girls helped her and kicked him out of the house. The girls drove her home and made sure she made it home safely, she thanked them and closed the door. She slowly walked towards her room.

"Annah what's wrong?" Lauren asks her with a worried look on her face.

"Nothing, I think I just drank to much. I'm going to bed" Annah lied to not worry her sister.

She laid down and cried all night long thinking of how the man that claimed to love her so much could do such a thing. Morning came, she cried more as she looked at the purple bruise on her left cheek, she couldn't go to work looking like that. Once she fully covered the bruise she pulled herself together and went to work, although she couldn't quite focus on work. She was getting drinks wrong and spilling drinks.

"Are you okay?" Ally asks worryingly.

"Yeah I just don't feel well" Annah couldn't tell anyone about what happened, she feels to embarrassed. Her boss had told her to go home and get some rest and come back when she's better. She drove home and walked up the stairs and seen Dave waiting by the door.

"Annah I'm sorry, I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing. I felt terrible when I found out what I did. Please forgive me" he begs on his knees. "I will never do it again, please just forgive me" he says wrapping his arms around her waist and starts to cry.

"I forgive you" she says as she get down and hugs him. He gently kisses her bruised cheek and tells her he loves her and will never do anything to hurt her.

The past few days he's been trying to make it up to her. He's going to take her out dancing tonight.

"Lauren I'm heading out, there's some money on my dresser for pizza" she says putting on her earrings.

"Thanks Niall and I were planning on watching movies so that'll be great" Lauren says texting Niall. Those two have gotten really close since they met, they've also been on a few dates. Annah was happy her sister has finally found someone to make her happy. Although Lauren does not feel the same for her sister, she knows that Dave is all wrong for Annah and knows that there is something wrong with Dave.

"Goodbye Lauren, see you later" Annah says grabbing her bag and started to head out.

"Bye Annah" Lauren waves.

Dave and Annah arrive at the club and immediately start to dance. She felt great being able to get out and dance with her friends and boyfriend. They decided not to drink due to what happened last time, so they just stuck with water. Dave decided to sit down while Annah danced with her friends, the night was going great until a drunk guy decide to ruin it by grabbing Annah and making her dance with him. She tries to fight him off but he's a lot stronger than her, Dave comes and pushes the guy down.

"Don't you ever touch her! She's mine!" He yells and grabs Annah and exit the club. "What's the matter with you! I leave you alone for a few minutes and you're dancing with another guy!" He yells again.

"I wasn't dancing with him, he grabbed me! I tried to push him off but I couldn't!" She shouts back him.

"Well it's your fault look what you're wearing! That dress is way to small!" He shouts "You're mine! You understand that?!" He shouts grabbing her arm.

"Dave you're hurting me!" She cries in pain. He pulls her into the back seat of the car and roughly starts kissing and touching her, she smells the alcohol on him.

"Dave please! Stop!" She cries more.

"Stop crying!" He hits her again."Now be a good girl and let me make love to you" he says tightly squeezing her thigh. She softly cries as she lets him do what he pleases. Once he's done he goes around the car and pulls her out by her hair.

"Wasn't that amazing?" He says roughly kissing her."Wasn't it!" He shouts pulling her hair. She nods in fear.

"I want to hear you say it" He demands.

"It was amazing" she says with tears pouring down her face.

"Glad to hear it" he smirks and pushes her into the passenger seat. They drive home and he walks her to the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow doll face" he kisses her until it hurts and watches her go inside. She locks the door and starts to cry.

"Annah? Louis says She wipes her tears and turns around.

"I didn't know you guys were here, I thought it was just Lauren and Niall" she says walking towards her room.

"They invited us to come over for a movie night since you were gone. But are you alright?" He asks gently grabbing her hand.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Have a great time watching movies" she smiles trying to hide the pain from her friends. She locks herself in her room and once again cries herself to sleep.

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