NAKED(One Direction fanfic)

Annah and Lauren are having some special guests coming over. You guessed it The biggest boyband in the world One Direction. But what happens when four of them fall head over heals for annah?


4. chapter 4.

Annah's P.O.V

"I'm going to get some more popcorn" I whisper grabbing the bowl.

"Can we please get some more to drink?" Zayn asks.

"Sure" I say and walk into the kitchen. I put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and start to refill the cups.

"Do you need any help?" I turn around and see Liam walking up to me.

"Um..I think i'm good, thanks though" I say smiling.

"No problem" He says starting to walk away. "Actually, wanted to ask you something" He says turning back around.

"Okay shoot" I turn around and take a sip of my drink

"Um...Okay. I don't know how to start" He nervously says."I know we just met today but...Would you go on a date with me?" He says. I nearly spit out my drink.

"What!?" I say surprised.

"You can say no, its okay" He says looking down.

"No its not that, you just caught me by surprise. I'll go on a date with you" I smile.

"Really? okay,awesome!" He says smiling. "So I'll pick you up tomorrow night at 7,yeah?" he says starting to walk out.

"Yeah sounds great" I say smiling. As I see him leave I turn around and start putting the popcorn into the bowl. I hear someone walk in again, I turn around and see Louis.

"Hey, the other popcorn is almost.." Is all I could say before he pressed his lips against mine. I didn't know what else to do so I kissed back. A few seconds pass and he pulls away.

"Pick you up friday night at 8" He says smacking my bum and walking out. What hell just happened? I get all the stuff ready and walk out to the living room, I set them down on the table and sit next to Harry and once I sit I feel a hand on my bum. You have got to be kidding, now Harry? I'm not sure what to feel about all this.


The movie had just finished and everyone starts to get up.

"Well we have to go, it's getting a bit late" Zayn says giving Lauren a hug.

"Oh okay, thanks for coming" I say giving them each a hug.

"Annah are you going to be alright tonight?" Lauren says.

"Yes? W-why do ask?" I say biting my nails.

"Well because after you see a scary movie, you get paranoid and have me sleep with you. Plus you were the only one screaming during the movie and your biting your nails" she explains.

"I'll be fine, I wasn't scared of the movie" I say with confidence.

"OH MY GOD! WHATS THAT BEHIND YOU!" She yells.I ran and hid behind the couch. I hear her and the boys laugh.

"That's wasn't funny Lauren" I say getting up and hitting her with a pillow.

"I could stay with you if you'd like?" Liam asks.

"You don't have to I'll be fine" I say half smiling

"I don't mind" He says

"Okay then"

"Liam and Annah sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g" Niall and Lauren mocked.

"Oh grow up you two" Liam says.

"Well thanks for having us over again, dinner was fantastic" Louis says as they start to walk out. I give them each a hug again and waved goodbye as they walked off. I closed the door behind me.

"Goodnight you guys" Lauren says while walking up the stairs.

"Goodnight Lauren" We both say. We turn around and start to clean up, once we were done we headed to my room.

"You really didn't have to stay, you know that right?" I say taking off the throw pillows.

"Yeah I know but I wanted to stay, to keep you safe" he says smiling.

"Thank you for staying" I smiled "I would've had Lauren sleep with me but luckily you stayed cause she kicks in her sleep" I laughed. We finally laid down. "You don't kick do you?" I ask

"Haha no I don't" he laughs "but I do snore so I'm sorry if I wake you with my snoring" he says.

"It's okay, I don't like to admit it but I snore too. it's not to loud but still, just had to let you know you're not the only one" I smile. "Goodnight Liam, thanks for staying again" I say and turn around.

"Goodnight Annah and you're welcome again" he says.

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