Louis's little sister

Lizzy was adopted when she was three. She doesn't remember a thing about her biological parents, but she does know this, she has an older brother who will do anything and everything to find her.


6. taking the test

Later that afternoon my dad drove us all down to the hospital so my and Lou can have our DNA tests done. The doctor told us it would be about a month until we got the results. "I bet you that I'm his sister ian." I giggle Making fun of my 'brother' and making Lou laugh. "Well I bet he's not!" replied Ian angrily, which made lou stop laughing. "She's my sister." growls Lou ,frustrated with ian. I can still feel someone watching me so I turn around. When I make eye contact with niall though, he looks away blushing. "Well I think she's your sister," agrees zayn "I also be think someone fancies her." Lou looks around  to see what he's talking about but niall isn't staring at me anymore. "Sometimes I wonder about you zayn." Mutters louis, shaking is head. I think he's talking about niall, but he can't like me, we just met this morning.

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