Louis's little sister

Lizzy was adopted when she was three. She doesn't remember a thing about her biological parents, but she does know this, she has an older brother who will do anything and everything to find her.


4. my REAL brother

"Oh my god." I gasped. Nobody knew about my birthmark.

"Wow.That's new to me. Did anyone know Louis had a birthmark?" I heard the boy with messy brown curly hair and big green eyes  asked, he was answered by a round of gasps and grumbles.

"Imissed you Lizzy. I never stopped looking for you and now I've found you and I'm not letting anyone steal you away again." He says sternly.

Oh. And by the way there are my mates, niall, harry, liam, and zayn." He said and each one nodded as he said their name. 

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