Louis's little sister

Lizzy was adopted when she was three. She doesn't remember a thing about her biological parents, but she does know this, she has an older brother who will do anything and everything to find her.


2. Important news

I woke up to find my adopted dad in my room sitting on the end of my bed waiting for me to wake up.                                                                                                                         "Good morning," I say usually Ian wakes me up "where's Ian?" Ian is the closest thing I have to a brother at the moment. He's not adopted like me but was from our dads previous marriage.                                                                                                                                        "He's making your breakfast. So hurry up and get dressed. I have important news for you, sweetheart." I slide into a pair of white skinny jeans and throw on a black halter top with a bright red heart on it. The I run to the washroom to brush my teeth. As soon as I step into the kitchen to grab some food and hear the great news my dad has Ian bumps into me knocking me over.                                               " Hey!" I grumble as he pulls me up off the floor.                                                                              "Guess what! Dad left to pick up his new cliants and told me to tell you that you're going to love them...and also that you're going to spend the entire summer with them!" he shouts excitedly.  Yay. I wonder who I could possibly want to spend my summer with that wasn't ian. Or Lou, the brown haired boy from my dreams.

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