Skylar and her best friend Lexie are and a group together. Skylar's dad is not only her and lexie's manager but he is also One Direction. And when one direction goes on a world tour Skylar and Lexie Are There opening acted.


3. Chapter 3

                                             Skylar's POV

    My Alarm woke me up at 6:15 this morning, because Lexie and I have 2 interview, sound check/Dress rehearsal , and get everything on the tour bus. Our first interview is 9:30a.m and our second interview is at 2:30.

 With all my Will Power I drag myself outta bed. Brannan is mad at me because I had to cancel, Lexie heart broken because matt cheated on her, and I'm tired because we didn't leave the studio till about 11 last night and I didn't fall asleep till 2 am. As I get out of bed I walk to my closet to get a tee shirt and some jeans and set them on my bed.

 I walk down to the kitchen to real quick to make sure my dad is up. As I get close to the kitchen I can smell pancakes, I smile and wake faster. As I walk into the kitchen my smile disappears when I see my dad's girlfriend. I can't stand her, she is so needy and whiney. It's sounds awful but I hope her and my dad break up soon, She only with him for his money. And she'll get fame from Lexie and I if the get married.

 "Skylar? Skylar?" I snap out of my thought. "What?" I ask wondering what they said. "Cathy ask you a question. what with you? You have been out of it lately" MY dad says "I...I just...I'm Just nervous for our tour and it being our first world tour and stuff" I lied through my teeth. "Well Don't worry Hun you'll do great." it took all my will power to not straggle her right there. "Thanks" I put on a fake smile Turned around and rolled my eyes.

 I walked upstairs to my bathroom and hoped in the shower. The warm water hit my body relaxing me. If it wasn't for me living here she would have moved in here. I wish my Mum didn't pass away when I was 13. I got my hair completely wet and put shampoo in it and rinsed it out. After my shower I dried off and wrapped a towel my hair. I got dress in to my jeans and tee-shirt.

 I took my hair out of the towel and dry it. After I'm done I walk in to my room and looked into my bedroom And looked into my body mirror. I decide to change my shirt in a Hollister flowy tank top that was grey and said Hollister and had surfboards on it. I took off my shirt and someone knocked on the door. "Wait one second" I finished and open the door to find Brannan I looked at him, smiled, grabbed him by his shirt, And pulled him into a kiss.

 We pulled out of the kiss when we heard someone walk up the steps. I looked to see Niall. "I didn't mean to interrupt but Skylar your dad wanted to know if you were going to eat pancakes?" I shook my head "No thanks" he stood there for a second "Okay well carry on than" he turned around and walk downstairs.

Brannan and I walk into my room. "I am sorry about yesterday. I really am." I said as he sat on my bed. "It's fine. I just got a little irritated because I barely see you and I miss u" He said as I sat on his lap. I looked in to his hazel eye. "I love you" I said for the first time. He looked at our hands that were intertwined. I frowned and looked down at my lap.

 "I Love you too." He smiled I looked at him and lend in and out lip connected. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I open my month allowing him. Our lips moved in sync. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

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