Skylar and her best friend Lexie are and a group together. Skylar's dad is not only her and lexie's manager but he is also One Direction. And when one direction goes on a world tour Skylar and Lexie Are There opening acted.


1. chapter 1

I woke up to the sun hitting my face at 7:30. Today is my Last day off before Lexie and I go on tour and open up for One direction. I'm like so excited but yet I'm so scared. It's not my first tour but it's my first world tour. My dad says this is a great chance to become more known all over the world.

 I get up out of bed to walk down stairs. I walked in to the kitchen and  look around to find my dad. But all I found was a note from him,"I had to go down to the studio and talk to the boys. I'll back around noon." I rolled my eyes and set the note down , got an apple, and went back up to my room. I check my phone and I had 3 text from Lexie and 2 From Brannan.

From Brannan: Hey Babe, Wanna meet up And see a Movie?xx.

To Brannan : Yes, What time? What Movie?Xx


After that I checked my message from Lexie.

1St message: hey what are you doing tomorrow.~sent at 11;30 last night

2nd message: R u Up? i need to talk to you.~12;30 this morning

3rd message: Matt cheated on me. I really need to talk.~sent 30 mins Ago

I instantly call her. Ringing.............................




I qickley grab some sweat pants and a rolling stones tee shirt and hopped in the shower. 15 mins later i get out wrap a towel around me and quickly dried off, using a different towel i wrapped it around my hair so that it can catch the moisture from my hair, and got dressed.

I didn't worry about drying my hair, I just quickly brush through it and put it in a messy bun. i ran back to my room grab one of my head bands, put on one of my under armor sweat shirt, sliped on my shoes. I Grab my phone and key, and ran to the car and left.

 As soon as I started the car Lexie texted me. 'Meet me at the coffee shop on 4thstreet in 10'. I contiuned to pull out of my drive and proceeded to the coffee shop.

  I'm 5 mins earily but I don't care. I go in and order mine And Lexie favorite drinks. I hear A familiar  Irish accent call my name.

"Skylar Nice to see you here today" Niall said to me. I turn around and put a smile on me face to hide my being annoyed by him.

"Hi Niall" I said as nicely as possible.

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