A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


6. The Soundcheck

      "Okay, time to get started lads, "demanded Liam. Niall left my side to go to with the rest of the boys to practice. The outfits I picked seemed pretty alright for the first try. Harry's pants do seem a little tight and Zayn's shirt seems too loose, but I will make the most of it.

        "Niall seems to be warming up to you nicely," Harry whispers as he came around to meet with the boys. I just smile politely. Was it his number? No, it couldn't have been. He slowly inched closer and gave a sly smirk. His green eyes ignited with a sense of awareness.

        "Yeah, he's cool. I could ask you the same thing about Lou," I strained not knowing what else to say.

         "Lou has her daughter and the father of that child. Make sure you brush up on your research or someone will get hurt." I froze. I nodded as he left for sound check. I walk over to the snack bar and get myself half a bagel. I took a seat and started to tap my shin with the heel of my other foot. After a couple of songs and rhythms they play, Zayn walks up to me with a confused expression on his face.

         "Hey," was all I could make out at the moment as he handed me a note. He did not even dare to look at who was around. He then walked away. I have never meet any one that mysterious. I slowly opened the note that read 'I was waiting for you to call. Here is my phone number again. Call me tonight after the show.'

        "What do you got there?" Niall asked coming up from behind me. Scared, I tremble putting the note in my pocket.

        "Nothing. What's up? Ready for the beginning of the tour?" Oh god, that was way to close. I couldn't draw anymore attention. This was getting way out of hand, and as it became clear through the look on my face I knew I was going in too deep. I look up to find that this was true, but also Harry.

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