A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


7. The Phonecall.

          I could not help to think about the note. I was nervous that he was the one that wrote his number on my arm. I should pursue it whatever Zayn may want or not want, but it might cost this job along with my other job of being a journalist. I climb into the taxi that takes me back to the hotel that I am staying at tonight. Luckily, Lou was able to get a ride from Harry who still kept his eyes on me even after the show. He did nothing but keep a close look and noticing my every move when I was around Niall. I have to admit that seeing him on stage did give me butterflies. I had no idea that they had a certain edge to themselves. I look out the window and remember the song that Niall plays the electric guitar on, and I was turned on. I have to admit that his arms moving up and down the neck of the guitar making the outline of his biceps show made me quiver. Then I took a notice at Zayn.

        "Ma'am we're here. That'd be 34," the driver demanded. I simply handed him the money without another word, but a thought of Zayn. I smiled and thought of how great this could be for the story. I will make sure the hotel room looks a bit decent if I expect company. I walked up to the elevator and noticed that I had a pep to my step. I knew that my editor was going to love this. I step into the elevator an notice that I get a text from John saying 'Hey hun, hope that you are already starting an orgy like I would! In all seriousness, tell me how you are & yes Darling I already miss you!' I laugh a bit easing the tension that is taking control over my head. I reply back with a simple 'I am fine, and something like that'

        I open the door with my room key and enter into a room that just had  hurricane go through. I closed my door and started cleaning up until I looked at the time 2:04 a.m. If I was going to call Zayn, I would have to do it right now. I reached for my phone and the note that he passed me and started to dial his number. It only rang once.

       "Hello," his voice deep sounding and rich responded.

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