A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


8. The Mysterious Roommate.

         It has been thirty five minutes exactly when he said he would knock on my door. I open the door and smile. I, in my bathrobe, let him enter. It was the end of the second week of tour and this was our fourth time having sex. He smiled politely, but his eyes was telling to take off my robe. The television on loud enough for the other guests to drown out our moans was no where near close from distracting either of us. He laid himself on the bed, already unbuttoning his shirt. I lean over him sitting directly on his stomach slowly moving my hips unbuttoned it for him.

       "Yeah, now let me help you." He moved his hand around my waist and undid the know holding my robe all together. I sat there still waiting for his next order. I help his hands do the work in taking the robe off completely. All that there was left was red lingerie on my skin.

        "Here let me help you now," I whisper. I undo his jeans unleashing this bulge being restrained from the clothing. He gave out a sigh as I moved my hand into his boxers. He pulled down his jeans as I went to work. He tilted his head back a bit and moaned a little louder now. I took out my hands from his boxers which then made him look up at me all of a sudden. I undid my bra and threw it to the side of the bed. He breathed a little more heavily now and turned me around to where I was now on the bottom. I closed my eyes and felt him kissing my neck, chest, breast and stomach slowly. He then kissed the lining of what was my underwear. I felt his warm hands pulling them down. The rest was mixing business with pleasure.

         We both pulled apart and reached the covers to conceal the both of us for the moment being. I look at him and remembering when he first told me he had a 'thing for blondes'.

          "This cannot go anywhere you know that right?"

           "Especially not Niall or Perrie." I tell Zayn looking him directly in the eyes.

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