Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter

Chloe is a normal 17 year old. She has blond hair and blue eyes, she is also a cheerleader. She lives in LA and is single. Chloe's parents filed a divorce when she was 10 and her mom is engaged with some man who Chloe never met. Little does she know its Scooter Braun. She and her mom move in with Scooter and Justin. Will Chloe fall for Justin? Was their love meant to be?


40. Cancun

Chloe's POV

I woke up to the sound of the waves clapping in the ocean and the smell of breakfast. Breakfast? I opened my eyes to see Justin leaning over a plate full of food.

"Is this for me? Please say it is because I am starving" I croaked still tired from the morning.

"It is." he replied with a smile.

I got up an felt something on my hand and I looked down and there it was my dream ring. SO perfect, so big, and so me. I was so happy I just started to laugh.

"What?" he said confused.

"oh its just I am not used to having a wedding ring on my finger." 

All he did was smiled and I just dove for the breakfast because I was so hungry. He held out his hands and stopped me. I froze. Almost screamed but i didn't. I turned to look at him and all he did was grin at me. 

"You need to give me a good morning kiss." he explained

"fine but i get to eat as soon as we are done." I was serious by idk if he knew that! haha

"So what are we doing today?" I asked, after our make out session.

"Babe you know its always up to you!" he replied.

I groaned, knowing he was right. What should we do? Literally that question so easy, but so hard at the same time!

"How about.... hmmm.. I have no idea!" I said laughing.

"Well I guess we can just stay in today..." He said smirking. I playfully pushed him.

"Ew Justin stop being a pervert!" I said running away from him acting like a little kid.

He chased me all around the house until I finally was out of breath and stopped running, letting him win. He 'caught' me and threw me over his shoulder, I know where this is going!

"No, Justin please don't!!!!!" I screamed pounding my fists lightly on his back. I was too late, we were already outside heading towards the pool.

"Too bad." He said smirking.

He jumped into the pool with me still on his back! I surfaced back to the top and wiped the water off my face.

"Not funny" I said, acting mad at him.

"Chloe, honey I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you, I just wanted to do something fun! Please forgive me!!!" He pleaded giving me a puppy dog face.

I tried to keep a straight face but I just couldn't stand his adorable face!!!

"I was just kidding j! Haha you are so gullible!" I laughed.

"Well then!" He chuckled acting offended.

"I am freezing, thanks a lot." I said running up the stairs.

"Your welcome!" He screamed from the living room.

I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I stripped out of my soaking wet clothes and hung them on the rack to dry. I adjusted to the perfect water temperature and got in, loving the warmth.

I did everything needed, and just stood there thinking. What has happened in my life?! I just got married to the most perfect person in the world, and now I am officially a Bieber!! I can't wait until we have little Bieber's running around the house.

The water started to turn cold, meaning that I have been in the shower too long. I turn the knob and step onto the dry rug on the floor, wiping off my feet. I grab the nearest fluffy white towel, and dry myself off.

I wrap it around my head, holding up my soaking, blonde, curly hair that I absolutely hate. Then I realized that I left my clothes on the bed!!! Really Chloe?!?!

I crack open the bathroom door, peeking out to see if Justin was in the room. Seeing no one, I run to the bed, pick up my clothes and run back to the bathroom. I shut and lock the door quickly.

I put on my clothes that I picked out. A flowery, purple crop top and white jean shorts. I put them on and take the towel off my head. Just then, the door opens.

"Hey baby!" Justin says all happy.

"Do you want to take a shower in here?! I will go to the other bathroom to get ready if you want!" I offer.

"Already took one, have you decided what we are doing today?!" He wondered.

"Maybe we can go to the park and have a picnic?"

"Sounds amazing." He smiles warmly, shutting the door.

Then it re-opens. "Did I mention you look great today?" He smirks, seeing my cheeks glow with bright red.

He knows just the ways to get a girl. What will I do with him? Haha

I comb through my long hair, maybe I should just have it air dry? Why not?

I put my semi wet hair up into a ponytail, knowing that if I keep it down that it will just frizz up and get huge.

I apply some mascara, brush my teeth, and grab my phone. I walk out to see my new husband sitting on the bed on his phone, probably on twitter.

He looks up and his eyes widen.

"Wow, you will kill me with your looks now that I will get to see your beautiful body whenever I want!" He chuckles.

"Don't look to bad yourself."

Justin was wearing a red tank top with kaki tan shorts. He slips on his white supras, standing up. I put on my purple vans and grab his hand, ready for the park.

"Did you pack the basket?" I ask him.

"Yup, all ready for malady." Justin replies, grabbing it off the table.

"Can we walk?" He asks.

"Sounds perfect to me!"

"Okay, let's go!" I say.

Justin's POV

While Chloe was getting ready, she told me that she wanted to go on a picnic in the park, so I drove to the pet store as fast as I could, getting a chocolate Labrador retriever! It already has a collar and it's shots because last night I picked out which dog that she would like.

I put the puppy in the front seat of the car and quickly drive back to the house we are staying at, not exceeding the speed limit. When we, the dog and I, arrived I put it in the basket, making sure it could still breathe, then ran upstairs, sitting on the bed, and quickly pulling out my phone acting like I was doing something.

Now, we are walking to the park, and then I will surprise her with the puppy! She will be so happy! I can't wait for her surprise that she is totally clueless about.


Hey guys, so lately, no one has commented on my story and I don't have any motivation to make a chapter when no one comments. So this chapter, I have been adding on bits and bits every so often, trying to finish it. So here it is! Please, please, please comment on this story because it only has a few more chapters left until the sequel!!!!! ~jloe_bieber


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