Rise (1D) (not famous)


1. 1: The start

Everything was dark from her perspective. Two men had drugged her and toss her into a bag. She woke up minutes after but still stuck in the suffocating bag. She had no idea where they were taking her but she wasn't going to let them get away with it. She searched around her body for any sharp objects. They were smart enough to clear her body of any weapons she had but not smart enough to look everywhere. They forgot to look in one spot. Her boot. She kept a small hand knife in there, for any emergences . Now it was the time to use this knife she once thought it was useless. Bit by bit the bag was showing a light of freedom. She peeked out her head to make sure it was safe. It was conspicuously that the men tossed her in a van, which was a good advantage. Since the back and the front were separated by a aluminum wall. They wouldn't notice her escaping from the bag. Her weapons laid right in front of her.' Thank God' she thought. She grabbed each one of them placing them in there proper positions. Right after she was about to pop open the doors, the van had stop.' Shit' she mumbles . She raced back into the bag, making everything normal as possible . The laugher of the men coming closer to the door made her heart beats louder than her thoughts. She didn't want to stay their with their control so she took a deep breath and when the doors opened she aimed the guns at the two men. The men raised their hand up in the air. She knew she in control. She told them to take away any weapons they had on them. They did as command.

"Why did you guy brought me here?!" She yelled at them. They had a fear look. " say it" she spats. Then kneeling down, pulling hard on their few hairs on their skulls.

"Our boss. He wanted you" one of the said. She glared at them.

"Why?" she spoke.

"We don-don't know mis" the other man stuttered. She told them to tell her where their boss stayed. They told her the directions. Then she pushes them with their hand tied down and the gun still pointed at them to the place they're boss is at.

When they reached there destination, the people in there quickly direct they're guns at her. She didn't fear the guns pointed at her. She's use to it. The people were surprised on how tough she was.

"Who's the leader?" She spoke. They all then started to stare at dark figure.

Through the dark she saw a figure of a guy standing up heading towards her. The people moved making a path way to let him though. Her guns have been dropped to the floor and she quickly have been blind-folded and a napkin was placed over her face, covering her nose and mouth. It quickly put her to sleep.

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