Society today is already messed up. What will the future be like?


2. BTS

My name is Christina and I am 15. I live in San Francisco with my moms. Yes moms.

I know what you're thinking.


This is the crappiest story ever.

I know.

My life isn't cool at all.

I'm pretty famous online. I have a "tumblr-ed" Instagram so.....

But the people online don't know what goes on behind that screen. They don't know what happens around me as I post selfies. As I post pictures. No one knows.

Do you know how hard it is to have two moms? I posted a family picture once, and guess how much hate there was? A LOT! So much hate in just seconds. I had to delete it in 2 minutes. Two frickin minutes. Just because of the hate. All the freakin haters. It's hard. Life is hard.

I just think society is fucked up, but y'know, it's my opinion.

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