There i was. Sporting the new outfit from Calii's! I wasn't popular. But to my boyfriend, Phillip, thought I was. My best friend Katt an I were walking in the mall. Spotting way too expensive outfits. I knew it was late and i had to get home. As i walked, i felt the cold chill of an Oklahoma day. She drove away and i headed to my car. Someone backed into me! With their car! I cussed at them, then walked fast trying not to feel bad, suddenly, i was taken.....


2. Hello

I woke up cold. I was in a cellar, i thought. I cold smell old dust. I had a blindfold on. My ankles hurt. I tried to move them, but they were swollen. He numbed my ankles so i couldn't walk? Pretty good for a kidnapper. But that wasn't what i was worried about. How am I supposed to get out of here? I was up against a wall. A concrete wall that to me, was probably sound-proof. I heard footsteps and voices. The voice sounded familiar. For some odd reason it sounded like, Harry Styles?!?! What? How? I could barely tell what he was saying, ",But she is only 16, c'mon? Why can't I have another? " What? Why can't he have another? What was this? An auction? I heard feet muffle over till they were right in front of me. "Lovely? You awake?" Of course, my breathing was like i just ran 10 miles. "Harry? Harry Styles?" I asked, it was silent for awhile. "Yeah, sadly. I wish i didn't have to do this. My boss won't let me quit until i am done with One DIrection. Please understand." He said as he slapped me across the face. A ring on his hand pierced my face. He kicked me in the stomach. Hard. I thought for sure he had broken a rib. He stopped. He unchained me and picked me up, because of my ankles. He took the blindfold of to me faing him. We stared into each other's eyes for only a second before he turned away not wanting to get attached, but i already was. He brought me into a boarded up room and told me to put some other clothes on that were already laying on the bed, i asked him a simple question. 'Why? Why do this?" He gave me a sad look and said, "I ask myself that all the time." ANd walked out closing the door behind him. I sat there and cried. I eventually fell asleep not remembering what Harry had said.




Sorry this chapter is so shortt.. _grace

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