There i was. Sporting the new outfit from Calii's! I wasn't popular. But to my boyfriend, Phillip, thought I was. My best friend Katt an I were walking in the mall. Spotting way too expensive outfits. I knew it was late and i had to get home. As i walked, i felt the cold chill of an Oklahoma day. She drove away and i headed to my car. Someone backed into me! With their car! I cussed at them, then walked fast trying not to feel bad, suddenly, i was taken.....


3. Goodmorning--

I put on the clothes as directed. It was a blue skimpy crop top and high waisted jeans? This didn't make sense? I walked down long, narrow stairs to find a long dining table with Harry eating a bowl of cereal. "Hey." i muttered because my throat was sore. "Hey lovely, so i have a question." he asks turning towards me with a neutral look on his face. I sit down to hear what crazy question this probably is. "Would you wanna, maybe, go to the park, have lunch. normal "couple" stuff he says with his hands as quotation marks. "ABsolutely." i say, for a second i almost feel happy, then i bring myself back to reality, harry styles beat me then wants to act as a "couple"? I have alot coming for me. 


We drive to the park in a red sports car. The whole way there he complains about me not telling or showing expressions of getting stolen. i agree knowing the consicuence. (dont know how to spell it!)


I get out and it starts to rain, harry lends me a coat. For a second i want to say no, why would i want anything of yours, but i just yes. " So, how was life, before i picked you out?" I am scared to answer this. "It was fine, over-protective parents, decent boyfriend, loving friends." He just nods. "How about yours?" I ask. He opens his mouth to speak, but sadly, nothing comes out. "Let's just say it was kind of shit?" i just nod knowing theres more to it. "So you said you "picked me"?" "Yes, out of all the girls, i thought you wouldn't be grouchy and terrified. I think i mistaked you for terrified, but your not grouchy." he gives me half a smile. we walk in silence for what seems like forever when we head into a coffee shop and sit by a window to watch the rain come down harder than before. " You wanna know the truth? Why i am doing what i'm doing? I haven't told anyone and since you will be with me for awhile, miles well." i say yes and take a sip, preparing myself for the big explanation. "It all started when i was twelve, by step dad beat me. I was going to tell my mom, i would even write down my plan on a piece of paper," he pauses and chuckles, " but he told me i would die if she find out. I guess, because of so many years of hurt and confusion, i thought thats what i needed to do. Blame everyone for my problems. But now, he wants me to hurt others. He hooked a secret camera in your room, to watch me hurt others. " i Sit there in awe. 

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