Count To Five


1. part 1:The Club


"Why do you keep looking over there?"

"Because, Gabby, Justin's over there and, as always, he's fucking sexy."

"Oh please, Y/N, you have absolutely no chance with him."

"I know, but hey a girl can dream, right? I've always wondered what's in his pants..."

"Probably a dick. Just saying."

"Gabby, you know what I mean..."

"I know, you wanna see the incredible hulk..."

"exactly, probably at least 8 inches..."

"Oh please, he's only 19, it's not like he's superman..."

"At least let me have my fantasies."

"Y/N, you're such a fan girl. You're only 18, it's your first night out, and you're fantasizing over someone you can't have."

"I know. But you can't blame me. I mean, he's absolutely perfect. I want him and..." Someone tapped your shoulder. You turned quickly to see what stranger interrupted your conversation. It was your ex boyfriend, Mark.

"Hey, sugar bear, haven't saw you in a while." He wrapped his large hands around your waist and started inching his way towards the top of your pants.

"Stop, we broke up for a reason."

You smacked his hand away and stepped back. "Come on, Gabby, lets go." you look back at Mark. "leave us alone, asshole."

You and Gabby walk away to a corner of the room with a better view of Justin's ass. "I still don't get how you can like someone that much higher than you..."

"He just so perfect... I wanna smack his ass..."

Gabby cut you off... "okay I don't wanna hear it."

You rolled your eyes at her.

Gabby started laughing. "What? What are you laughing at Gabby? Tell me."

"You think Justin's perfect do ya?"

"Yes, of course, why?"

"Why don't you go over there and tell him that. He seems pretty interested in you..."

You looked over at him to see what she meant and you found him staring straight at you. He saw you looking right back at him and he turned away, blushing.

"Well, well. Look at that. Maybe I was wrong, you might actually have a chance."

"Shut-up Gabby. He probably wasn't even looking at me. There are tons of models here. Why would he be interested in me over all of them?"

"Maybe he wants an adventure. He might want to screw someone real..."

"You've got a point. But, again, why me?"

"Because you're beautiful. Why NOT you?"

"Oh well, just ignore it."

"Whatever. Hey, do you know if you got that job or not?"

"Oh yeah, I got it. It's nothing though."

Gabby started chuckling and said "I think I'll let you handle this one on your own."

"What do you mean?" She started walking away and points behind you. "Where are you going?"

"I'll text you later Y/N, don't have too much fun without me..."

You feel someone tug on your wirst and put their hands over your eyes and a husky voice whispers in your ear, "Come with me."

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