Bestfriends with 5 Idiots

Nikki and Louis have been bestfriends since before they could even count to three. But when Nikki is always with Louis and the boys, will something change their friendship? Or... Someone?


3. Three


I recognize the shouting as my alarm clock. The boys recorded their voices and set it as the ringtone for when I wake up in the mornings. Ugh.

I lay in bed for a few more seconds and I remember what day it is.

I hop out of bed and run down the hallway screaming "ITS TOUR DAY BOYS WAKE UP!"

Louis groggily gets out of his bed pushes me out of his way while he goes to get ready.

Niall and Harry follow soon after him, and hug me "morning love" Harry says as they walk past me.

Much nicer than Louis.

I giggle at the thought.

Liam walks towards me and simply pats my head on his way by.

As usual, Zayn is still sleeping.

I walk into the kitchen where the boys are, and I say with a smirk, "Zayn's still asleep."

They know the drill.

Louis grabs the whip cream while Niall grabs the video camera.

Harry gets the feather out of its secret hiding spot and Liam grabs his megaphone.

On the way to Zayn's room I get Louis's nerf gun and we're ready to awake the beast.

Louis puts the whip cream on Zayn's hand while Niall films and Harry tickles Zayn's face.

Zayn hits the whip cream to his face while I shoot the nerf gun at him and Liam yells "MORNING ZAYN!"

He groans and we all laugh while he crawls out of his room and to the bathroom to do his hair.

We all leave to get ready for the airport.

I do my makeup and put on a pair of black leggings with an "I HEART ONE DIRECTION" sweatshirt on over top.

We get to the airport 30 minutes later.

The fans yell and scream while banging on the doors and windows.

Harry laughs from behind me and taps me on my shoulder. He says "Nik! Look!" He points to a sign that reads "Nikki is our princess!" I laugh.

I love their fandom. They're used to me being around since I really never leave the boys' side. They really like me for some reason.

We all step out of the car and stop to sign a few autographs and take pictures with the fans.

I walk with Louis to the girl with the "Nikki is our princess!" sign. We take a picture with her and I continue to talk to her while the boys go inside and the fans get quiet.

I look down at the ground while I walk into the airport, trying to not be seen by the fans.

I failed.

They scream "Nikki! Ah! Over here! Nikki please!"

Finally, Louis and Zayn come out and stand on either side of me while we walk inside the airport.

We gather our belongings and get on our flight.

Our first stop: New York City!

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