Bestfriends with 5 Idiots

Nikki and Louis have been bestfriends since before they could even count to three. But when Nikki is always with Louis and the boys, will something change their friendship? Or... Someone?


6. Six

One Direction's first concert is tonight.

I considered not going.

Not because I was afraid of Kaitlyn, but because I was afraid for the boys.

I don't want Kaitlyn to mess this concert up for them.

Despite my struggle to stay at the hotel, the boys forced me in to going.

I'm quite glad they did.

They had an amazing first concert! Nothing went wrong, and they all sounded amazing.

The fans were louder than ever.

During Twitter questions, the boys were asked if I came with them on the tour.

Louis responded "Nikki is here! She's actually backstage right now!"

All the fans started chanting "Nikki! Nikki! Nikki!"

Louis gave a look to Zayn and he smirked and nodded.

Zayn ran off stage, picked me up, and threw me over his shoulders while I hit his back in attempt to get down.

He carried me on stage and the fans yelled and clapped.

Zayn put me down and I waved.

"Well, Nik! Looks like they want you to stay and answer a few questions?" Louis spoke, and the fans cheered once again.

"I take that as a yes." Louis laughed and got a microphone for me.

I sat down on the stage next to Harry and Niall while Liam read the questions, and Zayn and Louis stood beside him.

Niall and Harry tickled me from behind and messed with me the entire time the questions were being asked.

The fans laughed, and took pictures of us.

I answered a few of their questions, and then read a few as well.

One of the tweets read, "I heard from Liam that Nikki could sing. Can she sing a song with you guys?"

"She is quite an amazing singer. What do ya say, Nik? One song?" Niall looked and me and winked.

"I suppose one song.. Just one!" I laughed and the boys and fans cheered.

The boys knew what song I would want to sing, so the band started playing it.

It was my favorite song. 'Remembering Sunday' by All Time Low ft. Juliet Simms.

The boys took turns singing Alex's part, as I sang Juliet's part.

The fans went crazy when we finished and I knew that this would be all over the internet tomorrow.

And it was.

I saw a lot of fans saying they loved it, and I should sing with then more often. Maybe even every show.

But I saw one that stood out to me.

A tweet from Kaitlyn.

It read, "I was at the One Direction concert last night. I will be going to every concert on this tour. I will get my revenge on Nikki Lee. Be ready."

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