smile outside hurt inside

Haylee has a best friend named Harry she likes him wants to tell but he went on the XFactor.One day she go's to collage and he doesn't remember her will she take it easy and just tell him how she feels or try to not listen to him at all


7. hurting badly

Dont try it he said.What i asked with a fake confusion all over my face.I know your going to try to run he said with a smirk.One question i asked. what? he asked still creeping me out with a little smirk coming close to me.WHAT HAVE YOU TURNED INTO?i yelled,NOTHI-something you  turned into is a jerk.You been my friend in tell i got slapped by you how do i just forget about that?i started to cry.He went in for a hug i pushed him away.He just slammed door and he was gone.I felt broken i got so sad the beautiful blue sky turned dark and it started raining.(Yes that ONE of my powers)

Harry pov

It was weird i got hurt by a girl i may have feelings for.But i dont and do.Just then it start Raining it was weird.There's maybe some one like me.i thought no it cant be my dad said there weren't anymore just me.I  heard crying and things getting broke.I ran up to see what it was.There sat Haylee with a broken mirror and her head bleeding.I ran up to her she back away once she fluttered her eyes open.Whats wrong i ask.M-my sister was in a car crash and died.I felt bad then she asked why do you care?i just walked out then out of no where a picture hit me in the head.OUGHT i yelled then turned she was hiding her face. i went to her pushed her up to the wall and hit her in the gut and beat her.

Haylees pov

i was hurt. he walked out as i sat there crying.i looked at the window and back at my baseball bat in my corner....


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