Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


3. 03// Shopping, Paparazzi. and Lies

"Oh no you don't Tomlinson!" Niall shouted which causes me to laugh.

"COME AND GET IT HORAN!" Louis shouted and run around the room with Niall's sandwich. "CAMILA! HELP MEH!" Louis shouted and I burst to laugh.

"Excuse them Cams," El said giggling.

"Okay you two stop being immature. Perrie said sitting next to Zayn.

"Where is Harry?" Liam asked me and I frown.

"What's wrong Camila?.." Zayn asked and I lift my head.

"Nope, I'm fine. And Harry.. erm, he was sleeping. He said that he was tired." I said faking a smile.

"Oh okay.." Zayn said almost not believe my words.

"Anyways, back to the movie! You two sit your arses down and enjoy the movie!" Liam shouted and we laugh.

Around 2 hours later, I decided to go home. After saying goodbyes, I drive my car to Harry's. I had mixed feelings right now, afraid, backstabbed, sad, happy. I was pretty afraid to the fact that Harry would tell at me since I went home at like 1am in the morning.

I opened the front door and closed it very quietly but I heard footsteps coming towards me.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Harry yelled.

I bowed my head and I believe my whole body was shaking.

"F-from.. Zayn's.." I said keep bowing my head.

"The fuck are you doing there? It's 1 fucking am in the morning!"

"The boys and the girls were inviting me to their movie night and-"

"And you left me behind?"

"You were busy remember?" I said with a confident.

He didn't say anything but rolled his eyes.

"Mum's inviting us for dinner tomorrow night. And you have to dress well." His voice softens.


I went to my room and threw myself on my bed. Tears streaming down from my eyes, wait.. Am I crying?

I rubbed all the tears then I took off my clothes and opened my closet taking a tank and a sweatpants.

"Well, I got two shows in one day, looks like it's my lucky day." I turned my head and I saw Harry leaning against my wall with a smirk plastered on his face.

"What the hell Harry?! Get out! I'm changing!" I tried to cover my body with anything that I grab with my hands and he laugh. Oh his laugh were just Perf.

"Next time close the fucking door dumbass." He rolled his eyes and I frowned. I quickly change into my pj and went to sleep.


After I took a shower, I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes into a black crop top and high waisted denim short,

I took my black slippers and my bag then went downstairs.

I took an apple and then run towards the door grabbing my keys. Today, I'm going out for a shopping for tonight's dinner. Dinner with Styles.. I have to be as perfect as possible.

"God, it took you ages just to get ready?" A voice said and it made me jumped.

"Harry? You're co-"

"Of course I am. Or the paps would think that I've left you." he rolled his eyes and I nod then go to his car.

It was all silent, neither or us made eye contacts. But I decided to speak.

"So.. What time should we go to Anne's house tonight?" I asked trying to be as flexible as possible.

"Umm.. Around seven thirty I guess." He parked the car.

Harry and I hopped out and there were few fans wanting to take picture together and we granted their wishes.

Harry snakes his hand around my waist and pulled me closer.

We saw some camera flashing and we thought it was paparazzi, so Harry and I run away.

"Where should we go?!" I asked him.


Finally, we ended walking to a boutique where they sell dresses.

"Well, at least we're in the right place." I said and he rolled his eyes. I scanned the entire store and I had my eyes on something.

I walked towards it like I was hypnotized by someone and I walked like a zombie.

"How long do you think we'll get out from here Cam-" He stopped talking and looked at me who was admiring the beautiful dress.

"Oh my God.. This is like the most beautiful dress I've ever seen!"

"You say that all the time to every dresses." Harry said which makes me laugh a little bit.

"Can I have size S?" I asked the manager and she nodded.

"S, huh?" Harry said with a mocking voice.

"What's wrong with that?" I asked back.

"Well, that's just surprising me, Kendall is also S but I believe she's skinnier than you." He said and I feel a knife stabbed behind me. It hurts.

"Oh." All I could say and left him there who was narrowing his eyebrows at me.

As soon as they got me my size, I decided to try them on, I went to the fitting room, and locked the door. I took off all of my clothes and unzipped the zipper on the dress.

The dress was really pretty, floral dress, almost the same what Ariana Grande was worn on her music video Almost is Never Enough I guess.

All I need was a matching shoes! Without considerations, I opened the door with the dress on and went to the shoes section ignoring the fans gasping, maybe not ignoring but I appreciate them by that.

I decided to go with a white heels, I asked the manager again to give me my size. I keep scanning the different kind of heels that they have.

"What makes you-" Harry stopped in mid sentence as he saw me. I looked at him then turned around facing him.

"Here's your number, Miss." She said and I thanked her. I sat down on the sofa and wear the heels. I stand up slowly wishing not to fall down. I looked into the mirror and wow, I looked a bit different.

"What do you think?" I asked Harry. Why the hell did I asked him? He wouldn't say a word maybe.

"Well, it looks nice on you." He said then look away. A smile grew on my face then I walked again but I stepped on something which causes me to fall...

On someone else's arms?

I looked at Harry who was literally catching me. What?

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