Play Dirty

"We're going to play dirty."

Harry and Scarlette are what you call friends with benefits.

What happens when Harry has feelings for Scarlette but she has no feelings for him?

He's going to chase after her heart.


1. prologue

Scarlette's pov

"Harry, we are just friends and nothing more." I cover my half naked body with the bed covers.

"Why can't we be more than friends?" Harry comes closer to my face and stares into my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I just don't have feelings for you." I run my fingers through my tangled purple hair.

"I'ma make you mine." Harry growled in my ear. He placed kisses on my bare skin down to my belly button; he looks up from his position and slides up my body.

"I don't belong to anybody." I whisper as I reach to nibble at his ear. He moans in pleasure.

"I do what I want; when I want. I get what a want; when I want." He places his hand on my bra strap and fiddles with it. He moves the black bra strap down my pale arm. He does the same to the other side.

"Well, hot shot, I am not yours and I never will." It starts getting hot in the room.

"It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes." He sang seductively into my ear.

"You twat! All my clothes are off besides my undergarments," I exclaim.

"Shhh, and take your undergarments off." He says and backs away. I pull of my undergarments as he had commanded. I roll over on my stomach and he climbs onto the bed and over top me. He lowers himself, and his manhood, into my bottom. Harry pulls his fingers through my hair as he puts his cock in and out of me.

I scream in pain, but pleasure, as he hits the right place. Harry rolls over onto the bed beside me and places his face onto my neck. He starts kissing my neck, biting also, surely going to leave a hickey. I place a finger under his chin and lift his face to my mine. We put our lips together and begin to snog. Whatever he says or does, I will never be his.


I've never written smut before so please ignore if this smut scene was horrible.

This is dedicated to all the horny Harry girls out there. ;)

Vote/ comment if you liked this.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on this smut scene. ;)


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