Breaking Points

Part Three of Sophie Miller's Stockholm Syndrome
Sophie Miller is no stranger to kidnapping. Getting kidnapped four times in the span of nearly three years practically makes her an expert on the matter. Anne Miller though, Sophie's newly found sister and first time kidnapee, knows one thing her sister doesn't: never let Stockholm Syndrome into your head. It's easier said than done when the One Direction boys prove to not only to have sick, perverted sides, but also worried and loving ones. Will Sophie succomb to the boys' charming attitude once and for all, or will Anne manage to get herself and her sister out before she too is stuck with Stockholm Syndrome? After all, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam have proven repeatedly that their breaking points are right around the corner...


29. Show Me

Anne’s POV

The music is so loud I feel the bass pulsing through my veins. I'm scowling as I sit cross-armed in a VIP booth beside a nearly drunk Zayn.

“Love, what's the matter with you?' the dark boy enquires in my ear, playing with the beer in his glass.

“The music is too loud,” I reply loudly, keeping my eyes locked on Louis at the other side of the room. I finish the last of my cocktail before setting the glass down on the table in front of me.

“No that’s not it,” Zayn chuckles, taking a sip of his drink. “You're mad Louis didn't want to be the one to babysit you!” He states, also looking at the brunette. “Darling, don’t take it personally. Louis hasn’t had a good shag in a long time and you’d be a nuisance beside him,” he trails on, scooting closer to me.

I roll my eyes.

“And what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Aren’t you going to find someone to shag tonight, birthday boy?” I practically sneer. His hand grabs my thigh.

“I think I already did,” he whispers sultrily in my ear.

I push his hand off me.


He laughs, but it lacks humor.

“Love, I believe you need more alcohol in your system. You’re too tense,” he says, handing me his glass. Knowing where this whole thing was going, I look around in worry. My eyes land on Niall by the bar, chatting with some random people.

“I’m joining Niall,” I decide, standing up. His hand catches my wrist, stopping me. “I don’t like beer. I’m getting something else,” I explain before he can force me to stay.

He releases me.

“Fine. I’m keeping my eyes on you though. You better be back in five,” he warns. I nod and walk away, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear before fraying my way through the people to get to Niall. I exhale loudly when I finally manage to plop down on a bench beside him. The blonde frowns and stops his conversation as he turns to look at me.

“Wasn’t Zayn the one responsible for you?” he questions, before taking a big gulp of his bottle.

“I’m responsible for myself, thank you very much,” I huff. “But yeah he’s keeping an eye on me,” I continue, gazing at the dark boy behind me. His eyes meet mine. I turn back around, rolling my eyes. I find myself looking back at Niall, who was now staring enviously at Harry and Sophie dancing on the dance floor.

“I fucked up bad, didn’t I?” he murmurs sadly, eyes locked on the couple. It’s my turn to frown.

“With me you did. With her, not so much,” I remark, speaking loudly to be heard over the music. “You’ve always wanted nothing but the best for her right? I think that’s what counts the most,” I continue, before ordering a random cocktail from the barman. Once I receive my drink, I realize Niall is still fixing them. “You should go and dance too. Find Louis. Find another girl. Get your mind off things. It’s better than mopping by the bar,” I tell him, before giving him a pat on the back and heading back towards Zayn reluctantly. I take a seat beside him, shooting one last glance in Niall’s direction. I smile when I see him stand up and head into the crowd, only to scowl seconds later noticing Harry and Sophie taking a seat where he previously was.

“Drink up,” Zayn demands beside me, forcing me to tear my gaze away as his hand slides up my leg once more. I push him off and down my drink rapidly.

“Happy?” I retort.


“I need some water,” I state. I start standing up but Zayn forces me back down.

“It can wait.”

“And so can your hormones,” I snap. “This sucks, I want to go dance!”

Zayn stares at me longly before replying. “Fine. You can go dance with Liam.” I shift to leave but he stops me once more. “But I want a lap dance first.”

“No fucking way. Fuck you,” I spew angrily.

His fingers grab my chin tightly, forcing me to look at him in the eyes. “It’s either the lap dance, or more drinking, darling,” he seethes between clenched teeth. I can smell the alcohol emanating from his breath due to his closeness. “Birthday boy wants a lap dance and a lap dance he’ll get,” he continues lowly.

“Get another girl,” I snap.


Louis’ shout makes us both turn. I see him approaching, with a pair of blonde bimbos locked in his embrace.

“Zayn! This is Tanya,” he slurs slightly, motioning the one on his left, “and this is...Sabrina! Yes Sabrina!” he says, motioning the other. He laughs and the two generously-chested blondes giggle. “Do you think you have the room for three more?” He questions, a drunken smirk plastered on his face. He doesn’t even wait for his answer, simply pushing one of the blondes in the booth before joining with the other.

I look at him, appalled as he French kisses’ Tanya. Sabrina is quick to latch her own bulbous lips to Zayn’s. The dark boy lets go of my leg, taking a fistful of her bleached hair instead.

 I roll my eyes and look away as the spit sharing continues.  I find myself staring at Sophie and Harry. My sister giggles as she hands a shot to the British boy. What the hell is she doing?!  Already visibly drunk, the curly-haired lad takes it with a giant grin and downs it before cheering in victory and kissing my twin intensely, wrapping his arms around her body in what seems like desperation. What are they doing?! Paps could be anywhere! Harry knows he has to be cautious! My eyes zero on the several empty shots beside him, and then to the two beside Soph. They’re not thinking at all.

I’m brought back to my current situation as Zayn moves Sabrina to his side and pulls me on him instead.

“Come on darlin’, I’m still waiting for that lap dance,” he mumbles in my ear. I squeal as his hands grab my ass harshly.

“Anne let’s go dance!” Louis claps, grabbing my hand just as it’s about to strike Zayn’s face. He easily pulls me off Zayn and out of the booth.

“But―” Louis cuts off Zayn’s protest.

“I’ll babysit her real good Zaynie. Take good care of Tanya and Sabrina for me alright?” he says, his own hand placing itself over my bum protectively. Zayn shakes his head and rolls his eyes, before chuckling and diverting his attention back on the two bimbos. I grimace as I see his hands grab their breasts with no restraint whatsoever.

Drunk Louis half-drags me to the dance floor, stopping in the middle of the sea of bodies. A remix of Show Me by Chris Brown starts playing.


Baby let me put your panties to the side (uh)
Imma make you feel alright (right, right)
'Cause Imma give you what you need, yeah
Mami you remind me of something (uh)

Louis pulls my body to his, sighing deeply. He presses my behind on his crotch.

“Louis what―”

“Just go with it alright?” the brunette responds in my ear. “It’ll get us at the hotel with less questions tomorrow morning.”

“What?!” I exclaim. He doesn’t sound drunk at all.

“Pretend you’re drunk. Pretend you actually like what I’m doing to you. Zayn’s not convinced,” he instructs, rolling his hips slowly. “I can’t blow up my cover. If the boys start thinking I’m being nice...Our plan won’t work. That’s why I refused to be the one watching over you.”

His words muddle up in my head, yet they make sense. I nod, shooting a rapid glance in Zayn’s direction. Indeed, the dark boy isn’t impressed.

“How do you want me to pretend to be drunk? I’ve never been drunk!”

“Shhh!” Louis flips me around, his eyes gazing into mine. “Shhh,” he repeats, taking another deep breath. “I’ll help you okay? You’re not gonna like it though.”

“I don’t mind,” I shake my head. “As long as I’m away from Zayn.”

“Okay,” he exhales once more, before his hands latch on my hips. “I need you to loosen up alright?” he instructs in my ear. “Just let your body do the dancing.”


Oh baby show me, show me something
Tomorrow I might be hungover, but that don't mean nothing
You see all night long, I've been wrong
Baby show me something
She gon' let me do it


Slowly, my hips follow the movements imposed by his hands.

“Now wrap your arms around my neck,” he whispers.

I reach behind me and grab my wrists as my arms encircle his neck.

“Shut your eyes and let yourself go.”

Reluctantly, I shut my eyes and let the bass invade me. Louis makes our bodies move in sync, pressing his crotch to my behind way too often for my taste. But after another song, I find myself getting lifted by the music, twisting and turning my hips to the beat. All too soon, I feel the alcohol crawling into my veins, every single one of my movements leaving me slightly dizzy. I laugh as Louis twirls me once. His hands get back on my hips and I giggle as I nearly lose my balance. His worried eyes meet mine.

“Are you drunk for real?”

I shake my head no.

“How much did Zayn make you drink?”

I shrug.

“Niall!” Louis shouts over the music at his band mate only a few feet away from us. The Irish boy turns around.  “I’m heading to the hotel with Anne!” Lou continues, motioning me.  “Tell the others alright?!”

“Call a cab!”

“Of course!”

Louis’ hand slides into mine and he drags me out of the club.




“Whoa there careful love,” Louis warns, chuckling as I trip into the hotel room. His arms hold me up and I giggle, using his firm shoulders to keep myself standing.

“Louisss,” I laugh, shaking my head. I try walking again but fail miserably.

“You need to sit,” he shakes his head, keeping a firm grasp on me.

“No,” I shake my head, my arms hooking themselves around his neck as I attempt to hug him. He returns the gesture, rubbing my back soothingly. I press my face into his chest and inhale. He smells good. Really good.

“You drank a lot, didn’t you?” he whispers, his face gazing down on mine.

“No. Only a little,” I smile, my face still in his chest.

“You’re unable to walk straight.”

“It’s these heels that are only making the task of walking harder,” I realise, releasing Louis’ neck to throw my shoes in some corner of the room. “There. Much better,” I sigh, before my hand reaches up in my hair and removes the pin holding them up, letting it tumble loosely over my shoulders. “Oh my god this is so much better,” I continue. “I had one of these hair aches,” I say, passing my fingers through my blonde hair in content.

“Hair ache?”

“You, as a guy with short hair, can’t possibly know what it is,” I chuckle. “But when hair is pulled back tightly and held by a pin or elastic, the roots of the hair actually start hurting after a little while,” I explain. “Hair ache.”

“Really?” He cocks his eyebrow upwards, a smile tugging at his lips. “You’re not saying that because you’re drunk?”

“Yes, really,” I nod. “And I’m not drunk Tomlinson... I’m only a little tipsy,” I deny, showing him how little tipsy I was with my thumb and forefinger barely touching. “Just have a feeling of well-being,” I state proudly before dropping on the couch. “And I’m occasionally dizzy...Wanna play a game?” I enquire suddenly, standing back up.

He tips his head sideways.

“Sure, why not,” he shrugs.

“Let’s race...down the hotel corridor!” I decide happily, walking to the door and opening it.

“Wait a second darling,” Louis stops me before I can step out. “Do you really wanna do this?”

“Of course!” I scoff. “I’m not afraid of consequences, if that’s what you’re thinking Tomlinson.”

“What I meant was, do you really wanna lose?” he mocks, before taking off down the corridor.

“Wait we didn’t set the finish line!” I shout laughing, rolling my eyes and following him to the very far end of the hallway. We stop at the elevators, two left turns and a right one away from the suite we we’re in.

“So, race you to the suite?” Louis questions, smiling.

“Heck ya,” I nod.

“Winner gets?”

“The satisfaction of winning,” I reply, winking. He chuckles and shakes his head.

“We each need to be touching the elevator to start alright?” he declares, stretching his feet behind him to his toes are touching. I imitate him, still wearing a challenging smirk.

“Okay ready?”

“Set, go!” he shouts, both of us dashing off.

I can’t help giggling as we run down the corridor, avoiding plants and people with no skill whatsoever. Louis’ easily a couple strides in front of me as we turn the last corridor. I make a last sprint, laughing as I pass near him only to reach the suite door before him.

“I won!” I chant, pumping my fist into the air. “Yes aha!” I laugh as Louis pulls out the room card and opens the door.

As I walk in behind him, I momentarily forget the small step at the entrance. Obviously, I squeal and trip. Louis catches me and I hold on to him for dear life.

“Are you okay there?” he frowns, holding me. Our eyes lock, and suddenly, it’s like he’s holding my whole world up just by supporting me. My mind gets hazy and I don’t hesitate to pronounce my next words.

“Louis do you promise me, that no matter what happens, you're helping me out of this mess?” I ask breathlessly, looking up at him with my arms wrapped around his neck.

“I promise,” he agrees, his eyes lost into mine. “No matter what.”

“Good,” I say before pulling him in for a heated kiss. He's surprised at first, but rapidly responds to my lips, his own hands wrapping themselves around my body. His fingers dig lightly into my skin before he pulls away.

“I can’t... Shit Anne I can’t. I’m not doing this if you’re drunk...” he says.

“I’m not drunk Tomlinson! I swear. I’m sober enough to assure you that I want this right now,” I persist, taking his face in my hands. “Take me,” I whisper in his ear. “Please, I’m begging you to fuck me,” I whimper.

“Fucking hell Anne,” he groans. “The things you do to me,” he shuts his eyes before joining our lips once more in desperation, pressing our bodies even closer together. His hands grip my butt as I jump and wrap my legs around his body. He grunts and presses me into a wall. “Anne,” he groans, digging his face into my neck.  “Fuck.”

“Louis.” My head tilts backwards, our centers pressing against each other as his hands wander on my body before they grip one of my legs and wrap it around his waist. I tug him in for a passionate kiss. My eyes shut without my permission as his mouth rapidly latches itself on my neck to press eager kisses on my heated skin, his body pressed against mine once more.

“Go to our room,” he mumbles, kissing me again before letting go of me. “I’ll be right back,” he reassures breathlessly, before running out the suite door.

Confused, yet still aroused and curious, I head to the bedroom where we slept yesterday and sit on the bed. Louis returns barely a few seconds later, an ice bucket in his hands. He places it on the bedside table before moving to straddle me and grabbing my face to kiss me once more.

“Why the ice?” I question between kisses, letting him push me down on the mattress. His cold hands make goose bumps rise on my skin.

“Sensation play,” he replies, hands slipping underneath my dress to caress my thighs. “You’re going to love it,” he breathes before pressing his lips right below my ear sensually. My eyes shut without my permission.

“Louis,” I moan, knotting my fingers in his hair and wrapping a leg around him.

“Fuck Anne,” he groans, pressing his center against mine urgently. He rolls his hips into mine once, then twice, digging his face into my neck whilst I let shivers rack my body pleasantly. “You’re so bloody perfect,” he mumbles, before nibbling my skin gently. “I think I love you.”

“Don’t say that please,” I shake my head, a knot forming in the pit of my stomach. “You can’t say that,” I shake my head again.

“Why not?” he questions, stopping all his movements to gaze into my eyes.

“I don’t want to get attached,” I whisper, my hands grabbing his face. “I can’t get attached. Not now,” I stress, begging him to understand why.

His shoulders sag slightly and his eyes drop. There’s a pang in my chest.


“I know Anne,” he breathes, his eyes sad. “I know. I just wish we’d met under different circumstances... All of this wouldn’t be a problem,” he mumbles.

My fingers intertwine with his. “Then make me forget everything. I don’t care if it’s only for a few moments,” I tell him. “Please.”

He nods, jaw still clenched too tightly for my taste. Reaching behind his head, I pull him to me and my mouth claims his in a ravenous kiss. He’s quick to respond, his stiff demeanour changing to a more detached one in a matter of seconds.

My toes curl as his left hand descends to touch me. Suddenly, there are too many clothes. It’s suffocating.

I make my point known as I grab the hem of his shirt, tugging it upwards while his own fingers caress my sensitive skin.

“Shirt. Off,” I groan, my skin heating up.

“Only if I can remove your dress,” he replies huskily.

“Please,” I whisper breathlessly.

His movements are hasty as he removes his shirt, before proceeding to help me out of my dress. His warm chest presses itself against mine. I can feel his heart beat erratically in his ribcage.

“Are you nervous?” I question breathlessly, cupping his face.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he breathes, kissing me once more. “I don’t want to fuck this up,” he replies, nuzzling into my neck. The pads of his fingers slide slowly along the length of my body. “Are you sure you want this?” he demands once more, gazing into my eyes questioningly.

“Please,” I whine, my body craving his.

“Your knee though? How’s your knee?” he recalls worriedly, looking down.

“It’s perfectly fine!” I huff impatiently, undoing his belt and pulling it out of his jeans. “It’s perfectly fine,” I repeat before tugging them downwards. Both of us were now only in our underwear. “Kiss me.”

He rapidly obliges.

“Again,” I demand.

“You’re insatiable,” he chuckles, his face inches from mine.

“And you’re thinking too much.”

He cocks his eyebrow upwards.

“Only because I believe I don’t deserve you, yet you’re here and willing...” he murmurs softly. “Anyways, how do you wanna do this?” he questions, his hands sliding down my body lightly.

“Show me Lou. Show me everything you can do,” I tell him. “I trust you.”

He nods and reaches over to the bedside table’s drawer, pulling out a scarf.

“Why would you have that there?” I frown, smiling incredulously.

“Always come prepared,” he winks. “I also have condoms this time,” he adds, holding a small square packet.

“Great! Now if you could please get on with it?” I ask, my fingers splaying on his chest before grabbing his arms. His skin is warm.

“Are you nervous?” he chuckles, placing the blindfold over my eyes, ridding me of my sight.


“Anne,” he purrs, his fingers kneading my skin softly.

“A little,” I admit, voice squeaky.

“You shouldn’t be,” he mumbles lowly. I feel his mouth on my neck once more, placing slow, open-mouthed kisses on each side. “Lemme know when it’s too much okay?”

I nod.

I hear the sound of ice being moved about in the bucket before his warm lips meet mine in a languorous kiss. My breath hitches as Louis places a piece of ice on my navel.

“Keep it there alright?” he instructs, leaving my mouth to kiss other parts of my body with his warm lips. As his mouth descends slowly towards my center, goose bumps rise on my skin. My arms end up reaching blindly for his face, wanting to kiss him again. His fingers wrap around my wrists. “Keep your arms still too,” he chuckles, placing them back on either side of my body.

All too soon, the ice cube has left nothing but a small puddle of water on my skin.

“Lou,” I whine, tormented. His hands stop my arms just as I was about to search for his face again.

“I’m going to remove your underwear alright?”

“Please,” I beg, feeling overheated. Carefully, he pulls my panties down my legs and unhooks my bra, leaving me bare before his eyes. I blush self-consciously, grimacing under the scarf. I hear him dig around some more in the ice bucket. My back arches in surprise as a cold piece is pressed on my nipple.

“Darling why did you grimace?” he enquires, making the ice circle along my nipple leisurely before sliding it the other side of my chest, giving the same treatment to my other breast.

“I’m naked,” I mumble, breath hitching as the cube is pressed lightly against my pebbled nipple.


“And I’m not used to being so exposed,” I answer.

The ice slides down the valley of my breasts. I groan as Louis’ hot mouth latches on my breast, pressing his lips softly together around the erect nub. He repeats his actions on the other nipple whilst his cold fingers slide down to touch me in between my legs.

“Oh my god Louis!” I whimper, fingers latching on his hair. I pull him away from my torso and back to my face, kissing him blindly.

He breaks the kiss after a few seconds and chuckles, placing my hands back on either side of me. The ice sloshes around once more and Louis’ lips meet mine again. Only this time, he pushes a piece of ice into my mouth. His own piece of ice tucked between his lips, he leaves a cold trail of kisses down my neck, sliding to my breasts then down to my navel before heading to the skin on my upper thighs.

The ice melts rapidly in my mouth as I suck on it. I clench my fists and whimper, feeling desire course through my veins.

“Lou please! Stop teasing!”

The British boy pays no attention to me, pressing his cold mouth to my center instead. My toes curl and I moan loudly as he aims for the little bundle of nerves. The melting ice drips on my sensitive area, making the whole thing much more arousing.

“Fuck,” I groan feebly, holding the sheets under me tightly between my fingers. He doesn’t relent, attempting to melt the whole piece. My head tosses on either side of my body. My back arches again and I moan loudly as his tongue goes up for one quick swipe. I’m dizzy with need.

“Fuck Lou!” I whine before I fall over the edge. I’m breathless, fireworks exploding behind my eyes as pleasure racks my body. My mind is suddenly empty, tingling from the surge of delight it has just experienced.

“I knew you’d love this,” the Doncaster boy chuckles to himself, pulling away. I sit up and remove the scarf, before grabbing his biceps and dragging him in for another kiss.

“Again,” I ask between kisses. “Please. I need this one more time.”

I don’t even wait for his answer, ridding him of his boxers. He’s already hard and leaking.

“You wanna go again?” he enquires surprised, catching his breath from my numerous kisses. I nod hastily, fingers digging into his arms in desperation.


He doesn’t waste any time, fingers fumbling to open the silver sachet before rolling the condom on his erect member. His cold hands cup my face once more as he joins our lips for mere seconds. He pulls away a little, positioning himself at my entrance.

“Still sure?” he questions again, even though lust is clouding his pupils.

I don’t reply, wrapping my arms around his neck and tugging him to me. I wince as he pushes through my tight walls, digging my face into his soft neck. I search for his lips and calm down as soon as they meet, his hands caressing my head and tangling itself in my hair.

After barely a minute, I find myself rolling my hips into his.

He grunts, imitating the action a little harder.

“Come on Tomlinson, you can do better than that,” I tease. His feathered hair falls in front of his blue eyes as he looks at me challengingly, moving his hips away from my body, before thrusting back in.

My breath hitches and I whimper, holding on to his arm.

“Like this Anne?” he taunts, doing it again.

“Perfect,” I whine, feeling his girth fill me up. I feel throbbing between my legs as Louis starts a rhythm, chasing his own release. A thin sheet of sweat ends up covering the both of us. After several other deep shoves, his left hand descends to play with my bundle of nerves once more. My climax nears swiftly.

“Cum Anne,” he demands, pressing his thumb near the place where we’re joined.

I whimper and fall off the edge once more, much more sensitive than the first time. I’m floating on cloud (, every single one of my cells singing for Louis.

“Annnee,” he grunts, also orgasming. He falls beside me on the bed, panting.

We lay there for several minutes, catching our breaths. I feel fatigue drowning me of any energy. Louis stands up and shuts the bedroom light before crashing back down on the bed beside me. I have just enough energy to turn and face him, a lazy smile on my face.

“Thank you Lou,” I mumble, hugging the pillow. He smirks.

“No problem really. I should be the one thanking you,” he trails on. I chuckle, shut my eyes and yawn. “Can I hold you?” he asks hesitantly after few seconds.

Knowing that this whole thing was never and could never happen again, I decide to make the best of it.

“Sure,” I mutter, snuggling into his arms.  Lulled by his slowing heartbeat, I fall asleep.

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