Breaking Points

Part Three of Sophie Miller's Stockholm Syndrome
Sophie Miller is no stranger to kidnapping. Getting kidnapped four times in the span of nearly three years practically makes her an expert on the matter. Anne Miller though, Sophie's newly found sister and first time kidnapee, knows one thing her sister doesn't: never let Stockholm Syndrome into your head. It's easier said than done when the One Direction boys prove to not only to have sick, perverted sides, but also worried and loving ones. Will Sophie succomb to the boys' charming attitude once and for all, or will Anne manage to get herself and her sister out before she too is stuck with Stockholm Syndrome? After all, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam have proven repeatedly that their breaking points are right around the corner...


10. Ruined Childhood

Anne’s POV

“Harry please.”

I jump in shock as I hear my sister’s complaint from the side of the wall. I’m quick to stand up.

“Did you hear that?” I exclaim, looking at Zayn.

Lifting his eyes from his phone momentarily, he shrugs.

“What Harry does to her is none of my concern,” the dark boy replies simply.

“So if somebody was getting killed in the other room, you wouldn’t react?!” I state, baffled.

“Harry won’t kill your sister... After all the lengths he went through to have Sophie, he’d never have the heart to hurt her and risk losing her again,” Zayn explains, scrolling his finger down on his phone’s screen. “And who knows... maybe Sophie’s memory is back and they’re just having sex,” He proposes, a smile tugging on the side of his lips as he lowers his phone to look at me.

“Well that wouldn’t be a good thing,” I snap.

“Isn’t two people in love a good thing?”

“She thinks she’s in love. It’s not the same.”

Zayn cocks his eyebrow upwards. “What exactly do you know about your sister hmm? Did you even see how she acts around Harry?” He enquires abruptly.

“No but―”

“Anne you don’t know a single thing about your sister, except what your father told you about her. So quit pretending like you get her relationship with all of us; you don’t. You barely know half of it,” Zayn declares.

I roll my eyes, crossing my arms.

“I don’t need to; everything speaks for itself,” I scoff.

Zayn exhales slowly. “Careful Anne... you really don’t want to get on my bad side. It’s not pretty,” He says softly, his eyes daring. “You can ask Sophie.”

“You can’t threaten me Zayn... What would Sophie think if she knew you hurt her sister? Wouldn’t your special bond be broken?” I mock. This is ridiculous.

“That’s it,” He gives up, standing as he grabs my arm. “I’ll let Liam take care of you.”

I try to unwrap his fingers from my bicep as he pulls me out of the room, stopping at the one in front of ours. He knocks softly three times.

“By the way...Liam likes toys,” he whispers to me just as the said boy opens the door. I gape at him in horror. Whoa. No way.

“Can I help you two?” The brown-haired boy asks, looking between Zayn and me curiously.

“No no no, we were just about to leave so―”

Zayn stops me as I turn around.

“Actually... Do think you can make her more compliant to our demands Li? Break her a little maybe?” Zayn enquires, having an iron grip on my arm. “I don’t think she fully comprehends that she needs to listen if she wants to enjoy herself,” He continues, looking at me.

“I’m never going to enjoy myself!” I spew. “You’re all completely mad,” I protest as Zayn practically hands me over to Liam.

“Could you send Louis over? I think he’d like this,” Liam muses, his hold tight on my wrist.

“No not Louis,” I beg, shaking my head rapidly. That boy makes me feel things I can’t understand. “Please not Louis,” I repeat as I struggle against Liam’s grasp.

“Yeah I’ll let him know...I’ll be Skyping with Perrie if you need me.

“What for?”

“I just want to know if their bus is close to arriving,” Zayn answers simply.

The younger one nods, waving him away.

Next thing I know, I’m being dragged into Liam’s room.

“Sit,” he orders, motioning the bed. I don’t move. “Anne... Sit.” He repeats, still pointing the bed.

“You want me to give the paw and roll over too?” I sneer. “I’m not a fucking dog,” I retort.

“No you’re a fucking brat,” The taller boy responds, forcing me to sit on the bed. “Stay.”

“For fuck’s sake Liam! I said I’m not a dog!” I fume, standing. His hand on my shoulder pushes me back down.

“Every time you disobey, I’ll be adding two minutes, and thirty seconds when you swear. You’re already up to 8 minutes love.”

“Don’t call me love you fucktard. And what you even fucking talking about? Adding minutes to what?”

“That’ll be ten minutes for you. Careful Anne, you’re lengthening your torture.”

“As if being with you isn’t torture enough,” I mutter under my breath. We both turn our heads when we hear knocking at the door.

“That should be Louis. Stay here,” Liam instructs, giving me a hard glare before going to the other part of the room to answer the door. As soon as he’s out of hearing range, I make a run for the bathroom beside me, careful to shut and lock the door extra quietly. My heart is beating madly in fear as I clutch the side of the sink, looking at myself in the mirror. What a mess.

“Anne?” I hear Liam from the other side of the door. I freeze. “You’re up to twelve.”

“Annnneeee,” Louis sing-songs.

I stop breathing altogether.

“You want to play hide-and-seek?” The older boy continues, voice playful. I don’t answer. “Well if you do decide to play, we’re adding the time we need to find you plus 30 minutes to your little... torture. So if you want to get out now and suffer during only 12 minutes, it’d be wise to tell us immediately,” Louis explains.

I rapidly search for someplace to hide in the large bathroom. Looking around desperately, I settle on the cabinets under the sink, the only place where I think I could actually fit. I throw the toilet paper rolls out to give myself more space.

“Fine then. Ready or not, to the bathroom we go,” Liam huffs.

“Come on Liam let’s pretend we don’t know where she actually is... it’ll leave us more time and it’ll make her think she’s smarter,” Louis proposes.

Trying to make as less noise as possible, I open the cupboards and slide inside, crouching to avoid the sinks pipes. I pull the cabinet’s doors shut, making Liam’s and Louis’s voices disappear. Holding my legs to my chest, I rest my head on my knees and shut my eyes, my mind completely blank.

After a little while, there’s the sound of the bathroom doorknob rattling. Opening my eyes, I wait anxiously. No please. As I linger, I notice a small latch on the back of the cabinet’s doors. Why would people even put that there? It must be fate trying to save me. Without dwelling on it much longer, I push it downwards, connecting the wooden flaps together so they’ can’t open. There. That should stop them.

I flinch as I hear them enter the bathroom.

“Anne, you’re up to 45 minutes... you’ll get a special discount if you get out now,” Louis coaxes. Sick bastard.

I squeal in fright as the cabinet wobbles, one of them trying to pry the doors open.

“Come on...” Louis sighs, exasperated. The door moves again violently. “Help me Liam?”


I shout and hold myself even tighter as the wood is ripped off its hinges. I huddle in the corner. They’re monsters.

“No please. Please no Louis! Please don’t touch me!” I repeat terrified as the two boys tug me out of underneath the sink. I fight them as I’m dragged back to the bedroom. “Please, please, please!” I beg.

“We won’t change our decision whether you beg or not. We warned you of the consequences. You never listen,” Louis shakes his head, hauling me on the bed. “Get the stuff ready Liam, I’ll hold her down,” He adds, placing himself over me.

“Go away.” I back away from him until my head hits the bed’s headrest. “Ouch fuck!”

“Don’t hurt yourself, please,” Louis chuckles, hovering over me.

“Like you fucking care.”

His arms hold my legs down as I rub my sore head.

“But I do.” He whispers, sincerity shining in his eyes.

“Bullshit,” I snap.

“You now have 48 minutes Anne,” Liam says from behind Louis. I watch him as he places a chair in front of the bed, before pulling out a small box. “Get her pants off Lou.”

“Right away Li.”

I’m about to protest but Louis’s mouth on mine silences me. Suddenly, my whole body starts to tingle. Damn you’re a good kisser Louis; I have to give you that. Unable to resist, my lips move with his. His hand buries itself in my hair, the other bringing my body closer to his. He groans in the kiss, pulling me closer.

“Louis I said to take off her pants, not to make out with her. You can do that when she deserves it. Right now, she doesn’t.” Liam says, making Louis pull away. He winks, holding my pants up.

“Mission succeeded Liam,” He smirks.

How did he even do that without me noticing?! I glare at him, wiping my lips with the back of my hand to rid myself of any trace of his DNA. Why did I even kiss him back?! He’s disgusting!

“Aww sweet cheeks don’t be like that,” Louis coos. “It’s more than okay to like kisses.”

“Not yours,” I retort. “They’re nasty.”

“Well I’d be insulted,” he starts, “but I know you’re lying,” He boasts.

“You wish,” I roll my eyes.

“Anne, I―”

“Enough with the useless banter... Louis, just hold her still will you?” Liam quiets us.

“Or you can always try to be polite and ask me not to move,” I grumble.

“So you’re not going to move when I put this,” he holds up a dodgy looking object, “in you?”

I gulp, eyeing the toy. Clearly, it was shaped so it could go inside me, but also press against the frontal part of my lower regions.

“Now that I think of it, I’ll just leave,” I respond quickly before pushing Louis off.

“No, no, no.” Louis grabs my wrists, his knees digging painfully into my thighs to immobilize me.

“Let go!” I bring my own knee upwards, aiming to hit him in the groin but failing.

Louis chuckles. “C’mon sweetheart play fair. You can’t hit a man there,” He says, his hands on my naked thighs.

I’m frozen for a moment, mesmerized by his turquoise eyes.

“And you can’t use my body as you please!” I get out finally.

“Hmm. I think I can,” His fingers are suddenly at the hem of my panties, pulling them down.

“No―Oh my god,” I shut my eyes, my breath hitching as Liam hastily pushes the object inside me. Louis brings my panties back up, the material brushing against the part touching the most sensitive area. “No. Get it out,” I stammer, completely grossed out.

“Not a chance. You have to spend 48 minutes with that inside you, sitting bound to that chair,” Liam denies, picking me up from the bed.

I shake my head negatively, feeling nauseous.

“Please no,” I whimper as he sits me on the chair. Louis ties my hands behind my back while the brown-eyed boy ties my feet to the chair’s legs, before binding my thighs to the seat. The thing inside me feels abnormal.

I find myself unable to move as both boys back up to admire their work. I bend my head down in shame and humiliation under their gazes.

“Zayn said you weren’t compliant. So this is an obedience exercise Anne,” Liam informs, lying on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head as he looked at me. “For the next 48 minutes, you must do everything we ask you to, as ridiculous as it seems. Now look at me in the eyes when I’m speaking to you,” He instructs.

“Or else what?” I mumble, still looking at my feet. “You’ve already tied me to a chair with God knows what shoved inside of me. I don’t think it can get worse.”

“Well think again.”

Brusquely, the toy inside me hums to life. I gasp, wanting to stand up desperately due to the strange feeling. I’m stuck to the unmoving chair.

“God, God, God stop!” I beg, writhing violently in my seat. The part outside my body hurt the most, stimulating me much quicker.

“I want you to look at me in the eyes Anne,” Liam denies.

I shake my head negatively multiple times, until I can’t bear the torture and decide to lock my eyes with his.

“Good. I want you to always look at the person who’s talking to you, understood?”

I nod, biting my lip. The vibrations finally stop, leaving me panting. The sensation in the pit of my stomach though, doesn’t leave. I notice Liam playing with a little black remote. Damn.

“My turn to ask something,” Louis states after letting me a couple seconds to recover. I keep my eyes glued to his. “I want you to sing us a song.” I give him a horrified look. “It doesn’t have to be long,” he reasons.

A song, a song, a song! God dammit fuck you Louis.

“I can’t sing.”

“Come on love it doesn’t have to be a hard song. You can sing anything you want.”

“But I don’t have any ideas!” I whine, struggling against the ropes on my wrists.

“Then sing Jack and Jill.”

“But that’s completely ridiculous!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Anne, we said you had to obey everything, no matter how weird it is,” Liam chides.


The second the word passes my lips, I regret it. The object buzzes in me, seeming more powerful than last time. I squeal, thrashing violently.

“Fine! Fine!” I beg. Liam stops the device. Taking slow breaths, I manage to get the nursery rhyme out, modifying it to Louis intention.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill and planned to do some kissing.

Jack made a pass

And grabbed her arse

Now his two front teeth are missing,” I say.

 “Good one,” Louis chuckles. “But mine is better:

Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana.

Jack got high

Unzipped his fly

And said "Hey Jill, ya wanna?" 

“Oh my God where did you two learn these nursery rhymes?!” Liam exclaims, almost horrified. “You two have officially destroyed my childhood.”

Louis and I shrug simultaneously.

“You’re currently destroying my life,” I retort. “I don’t feel guilty at all.”

“Whatever. Anne I want you to stay perfectly immobile for the next minute, during when I’ll make the wonderful dildo you’ve got inside off you hum at the third level,” Liam demands again.

“How many level’s are there?!” I stammer, petrified.

“Five. You’ve only experienced the two first ones so far.”


“Again with the disobedience,” Liam shakes his head as he activates the device. I whimper, arching my back. “I’m not starting the minutes until you stop moving,” Liam states as I keep thrashing around, wanting to stand up so badly to reduce the contact. “Anne. Quit. Moving.”

“But it hurts,” I utter, pushing against the bindings.

“We’ve barely done three minutes of your total time: of course it’s going to hurt. But give it a few other minutes and you’ll probably orgasm and it’ll feel good, only for it to hurt again because you’ll be oversensitive,” the brown-eyed boy explains.

“Liammmm,” I whimper. “Stop it. Please.”

“Not until you stop moving,” he denies. “You have to listen to us.”

“It’s going to be impossible!”

“Anne no matter how much you argue, I won’t change my mind. You can stay like this for the next 45 minutes if you want.”

“No, no, no!” I beg.

“You can do this. It’s all about will,” Louis encourages.

Inhaling a couple good times, I shut my eyes, willing myself to quit squirming. I fail the sensation inside me too strong.  I start crying. “I can’t Liam please! I want to but I can’t!”

“Take it down a notch Li.”

The Wolverhampton boy sighs and nods. I groan as the humming lessens significantly.

“Thanks,” I manage, feeling the traitorous tears trickle down my cheek.

“You still have to stop moving though.”

Concentrating hard, I bite my lip and shut my eyes, sitting as still as I can. I try distracting myself, thinking of other things than the object inside me. I think of my father, of Sophie, of the childhood we could’ve had if it wasn’t for our separation, of the mother I never had.


I sigh as the vibrations die, but weirdly, I’m not relieved. In fact, my body seems to be slightly disappointed. Why?


My eyes meet Louis’s as he speaks.

“I want you to kiss me, with the vibrations on.”

I nod almost eagerly, practically needing it. My body was gradually craving intimate touch so badly it hurt.

Louis bestrides my thighs, his hands cupping my face. “Feel free to play with the level’s Liam,” he says before joining our lips. The kiss starts off slow, just like the object’s level of trembling.

Slowly but surely though, Louis gains confidence and Liam makes my bliss climb.

“Goddd,” I moan, my head lulling backwards as the toy pulsates so pleasurably inside my walls. The blue-eyed boy’s weight prevents me from moving an inch off the chair, making the throbbing more prominent.

“Focus on me,” Louis urges breathless, our mouths meeting yet again.

My skin feels hot all over. Louis’s fingers suddenly slide down my panties and inside my folds, nudging the toy lightly. It’s all it takes for me to come crumbling down, whimpering loudly as I ride multiple waves of pleasure.

“Louiisssss,” I whine, shutting my eyes as I try to get over my first orgasm ever.

“There,” he finishes, panting as he moves backwards. “How much time did we kill Liam?”

“5 minutes.”

The dildo feels out of place and uncomfortable, on the verge of being painful.

“Please... Can you take it out now?” I plea.

“Half of your torture is done... The other half start’s now,” Liam shakes his head. “Anne I want you to name 20 countries you’d like to visit.”

“But why?” I whinge.

“Because I asked you to.”

“But it’s pointless!”

I yelp in pain as the toy comes back to life, at the most powerful it’s ever been.

“Anne, you have to do as you are told.”

“No!” I start crying due to the excruciating overstimulation, but I utter as many countries as I could. “Canada, France, Brazil, Russia, United-States―”

“I said countries that you’d like to visit, not that you’ve already visited. Start over.”

“Liam come on.”

I tune Louis out, focusing on getting the words out.

“Canada, France, UK, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium...Liam stop it I can’t!”

“You only mentioned 14. Start over.”

“No please!” I sob, my vision blurry with unshed tears.

“Liam she’s had enough,” Louis reasons near me. “It’s not that she doesn’t want to, you’re asking too much.”

“Anne, start over.”

“I can’t!” I weep; the accented sensations making my insides burn.

“Liam it’s enough,” Louis repeats. His worried voice seems far away. “Liam stop she’s in pain!”

“Zayn said to break her.”

“Liam we don’t hurt the girls! They have limits we can nudge, but not completely bypass!  We all agreed on that! Stop that bloody device!” The Doncaster boy demands firmly.


I shut my eyes and exhale loudly as the torture finally stops. As I fight to regulate my raspy breathing, I feel hands on my wrists, undoing the ropes. I take another deep breath as they head to undo the ones on my thighs and the ones around my feet.

“There you go,” Louis mumbles. “I’m going to bring her back to my room... She deserves a nap,” He voices. I feel his bulky arms around my shaking body, picking me off the chair effortlessly. “Liam I know you blame her father for you Danielle’s break-up, but you can’t hold it against her,” he says softly. “It’s not her fault.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” The younger boy grumbles. “I still think we should’ve burned that bastard’s house down. Handcuffing him to the post outside was hardly comforting.”

“Liam... We aren’t murders.”

So that’s what they did?

“You handcuffed him outside? In winter?!” I protest weakly in Louis arms. Oh my god Dad could maybe die of hypothermia! “How could you?!” I squirm in his hold, opening my eyes.

“Shhh. C’mon I’m taking you to my room,” He counters, strengthening his hold on me. “See ya later Li. And remember, we have an interview in about an hour.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.”

The older boy walks us out of Liam’s room, and into his. He deposits me on the bed. I keep my eyes tightly shut and I freeze as he pulls my panties downwards. Relief floods me as I feel the object being removed.

“I’m going to shower... I strongly suggest you to stay here and rest a bit,” Louis sighs.

I’m about to protest but I find myself to be emotionally and physically drained from all my struggling. I nod my approval slowly.

“You won’t rape me in my sleep?” I ask him, slipping under the covers.

“If really that was my intention, I would’ve done it last night love,” He answers, smiling faintly before leaving to go to the bathroom.

I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

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