Breaking Points

Part Three of Sophie Miller's Stockholm Syndrome
Sophie Miller is no stranger to kidnapping. Getting kidnapped four times in the span of nearly three years practically makes her an expert on the matter. Anne Miller though, Sophie's newly found sister and first time kidnapee, knows one thing her sister doesn't: never let Stockholm Syndrome into your head. It's easier said than done when the One Direction boys prove to not only to have sick, perverted sides, but also worried and loving ones. Will Sophie succomb to the boys' charming attitude once and for all, or will Anne manage to get herself and her sister out before she too is stuck with Stockholm Syndrome? After all, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam have proven repeatedly that their breaking points are right around the corner...


18. Naive

“What took you two so long?!” Harry bursts as soon as Niall and I step inside the tour bus.

“We were mobbed Harry, what did you expect?” I huff, a little annoyed.

“The pharmacy was packed,” Niall adds. “The girls were honestly bent on finding us: buying pills was a lot harder than we thought.”

“But what about these?” Harry scowls, motioning the bags I had in my hands. “You bought clothes?” He enquires.

“I told you I needed some,” I shrug, sitting down in the small living room, placing the bags at my feet.

“And I told you we’d be going later,” the curly-haired boy retorts.

“Sorry, I don't particularly like wearing boxers and the same bra over and over again,” I respond, shrugging.

“You went behind my back Soph... How am I supposed to trust you if you can't follow simple orders?”

“Is that what it was? An order? I ask, pained. “Harry I don't want to be ordered around. I don't like it.”

“I know but it was more like a request... An incontestable one,” he rectifies. Knowing this conversation would only go in circles, I change the subject,

“Where are Anne and Louis?” I frown, picking up Fate from the floor.

“There you are!” Anne storms out of the bedroom as if on cue, jumping on her good leg. I notice her slightly dishevelled state. “You have the pills, right?” she demands.

Niall holds up the smallest bag and she literally rips it out of his hands.

"Thank God," she huffs. “Now I need a glass of water.”

“That was rude,” Niall says, frowning.  “You can't simply take things out of another's hand like that.”

Anne pays absolutely no attention to Niall's remark, hopping as she heads to the small kitchenette beside the cramped living room,

“Anne, Niall just said something to you,” Harry warns.

“I heard him. I just need to make sure I won't be carrying Louis's child,” she snaps.

“That was on the brink of impoliteness―”

“What would be wrong with that? Louis enquires, cutting Niall off as he strolls in the living room. He looks fucked out too, his hair all over the place.


“That's not what you were demonstrating a few minutes ago love,” he coos, approaching my sister from behind. I watch with interest as he slides his arms around her waist, digging his face into her neck.

“Don't. Touch. Me,” she stresses, pushing him away as she searches around for a glass in the small cupboards. Louis rolls his eyes and gives up touching her, joining Niall, Harry and I on one of the couches,

“One second she’s moaning my name and the next she’s pushing me away, as if I had cooties,” Louis groans, passing his hand through his hair in exasperation. “That girl is so complicated.”

“Aren't they all?” The curly-haired boy grumbles. “How did her phone call go?” Phone call?

“We had a bit of a blunder at the end... but other than that she was well-behaved.”

“It wasn't a blunder. You practically jumped on me when I mentioned the hotel incident,” my sister grunts, filling her glass up with water.

“I wonder why.”

“God dammit Anne. Louis I hope you punished her or something because slip ups like that one could cost us our careers,” the green-eyed boy declares heatedly.

“He didn't use protection, isn't that punishment enough?” Anne grumbles, tilting her head backwards to swallow the little pill.


“You and your god damned rules,” she spews angrily at Harry. “This whole thing of keeping Sophie and I a secret is going to blow up one day, and I’m going to laugh my head off when it does.”

Our heads turn as we hear someone enter the tour bus.

“We're going to a club after the show tonight,” Zayn declares, stepping into view. “With Little Mix,” he adds, smiling at me.

“I'll meet Perrie?!” I exclaim, excited.

“Yes,” he beams.

“Weird, I have a feeling I’m not going,” my sister mumbles.

“Indeed. Liam'll probably want to stay so he’ll stay with you,” the Pakistani boy nods.

“I can stay, I don't want to go,” Niall sighs. “I don't feel like going in a crowd full of people. That mob got me feeling nauseous.”


“We got mobbed earlier,” I explain, waving the thought away before caressing Fate some more.

“Andy literally had to pull me out,” Harry acknowledges. “But I don't feel like clubbing either,” he admits. “Not tonight. Surely we could do something else?”

“We could play a game?” Louis puts in.

“No. No more games.” Anne shakes her head rapidly. “Bad idea.”

“I agree with Anne... Games could be risky if the girls are in the equation,” Zayn nods.

“What about going to the movies?”

“I wanna go to the movies,” my twin pops in.

“But then I wouldn’t be able to talk with Perrie,” I pout, ignoring her.

“We could stop at a cafe afterwards? There are plenty in Atlanta.”

“What movie would we watch?”

“What about Fifty Shades Freed?” Harry proposes, smirking.

“If we’re going, I’m bringing Anne,” Louis announces. “This series makes me all hot and bothered.”

“What series?” My sister and I ask simultaneously.

“Better yet, what’s Fifty Shades Lighter?” I probe.

 There’s an awkward silence.

“Very funny,” Louis chuckles, shaking his head. “The third part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy?”

“I’m not joking, I really don’t know what it is,” I frown, turning to look at Anne. “She’s not joking either,” I add.

“But you’re eighteen-year-old girls,” Louis scoffs.

“You’ve never even read the books?” Harry cocks an eyebrow upwards.


“Harry, just explain it will ya? They’re clueless,” Niall sighs.

“Fine. It’s the story of a man and a woman, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, who are in love. Tadaa.”

“Seems like shit,” my blonde double declares. “I’m glad I’m not going.”

“Swearing Anne,” Zayn responds dryly.

“You’re missing the big picture, Harold,” Louis scolds. “And Anne you’ll come with us.”

“Okay okay fine. Mr. Grey is a powerful man, president of his own company. He’s very rich and has a dark past. Anastasia Steele happens to interview him for her sick friend, and clumsily falls on her fours as soon as she steps into his office. Christian starts craving her. He manages to get her all for himself, wooing Anna off her feet with his good looks and his skills in sex. The end. Oh yeah and he initially wanted to make her sign an agreement and confidentiality contract.”

“Because he lived a BDSM lifestyle. You could’ve at least finished it properly,” Louis rolls his eyes.

“They probably were released in the two years following my escape yeah?” I ask calmly.

The boys nod.

“Now why in the world would I have read that kind of book?” I scoff after a few seconds of silence. “Or watch the two first movies? I had just gotten away from your abusive selves. I had had enough eroticism in my real life: I didn’t need to see it on screen.”

“Sophie makes a point,” the Irish-boy acquiesces, gaze fixed on his phone. “If you guys want to go see the movie, there’s a representation at 11:25, right after the concert, at the Plaza Theater,” he adds.

 “Wait you’re not coming?” I pull a face.


“Why not?”

“Take a wild guess Soph...” he shrugs, but I see his eyes dart to Harry rapidly.

“Niall, you said right after tonight’s concert?” Harry interjects. The blonde nods. “Well then girls you’re coming to tonight’s concert,” the curly-haired boy announces.



“This sucks,” Anne drawls, pulling at the handcuff holding her captive to a couch in the boys’ dressing room.

“Tell me about it,” I grumble, tugging at my own. I shut my eyes and sigh. Why can’t he trust me?

We could hear them singing Loved You First in the stadium, the screams of the fans nearly drowning them. Nearly. I exhale loudly once more, this two-hour show lasting forever.

“Can’t you see how twisted your relationship is with them?” She mumbles, yanking her right arm again. “Harry supposedly loves you, yet he ties you to a couch while he sings ridiculous love songs to other girls. That’s fucked.”

“Swearing Anne,” I reply.

“Not you too? You’re not going to start warning me for my language?!”

I huff loudly.

“Fine then. Go on and swear, I don’t care. Just don’t start crying when you get punished,” I reply calmly, passing my free hand through my messy hair.

“You are messed up Sophie... You say it like punishment is a normal thing!”

“Maybe it is,” I shrug.

“It’s hard to believe how sick they’ve made you,” she spews.

“Anne!” I yell, losing my temper. “You don’t understand, do you?! I don’t have a choice here! I haven’t known much better! Mom freakin’ sold me! For alcohol! And as much as I want to deny it, yes I’m sick! I have Stockholm syndrome or something like that!”


“And let me tell you one thing: it won’t get better for you unless you start accepting all of this!” I continue, motioning around. “Unless you start acting a little more willing: you’re not getting out and they’re not getting softer,” I end weakly.

“Well I won’t accept it,” she snaps. “There’s no way I’m letting your Stockholm syndrome get to my head,” my twin sneers.

“Then fucking stop complaining when you get punished: you’re asking for it.”

There’s a short moment of silence, the shouts and screams echoing from the stadium being the only noise.

“Why are you handcuffed to a couch hmm? Why don’t they trust you? Isn’t that punishment too?” She mocks suddenly, resting her head on the couch.

I don’t reply, these same questions circling around my head. Why indeed? What did I do? It’s not my fault my Dad took me in the first place? Why can’t Harry trust me?

“You are so naive Sophie,” Anne exhales, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Shut up,” I mutter, voice shaking.

“You need to shake off this acceptance you’ve had for their actions... It isn’t okay for a human being to be treated like this,” my twin continues, on a much softer note. “Sophie they abused you when you we’re sixteen...That’s pedophilia. It’s not okay,” she presses.

“I know,” I moan, curling into a ball. “Yet they made me feel loved when nobody did. They’ve changed,” I persist.

“Did they really? Or are they just making you think that?”

My head starts pounding, my sister’s interrogatory making too many questions appear in my head. Am I really that sick? Can’t I tell the good from the bad?

“If you and Harry have a supposedly healthy relationship, then why doesn’t he trust you?”

“I don’t know!” I burst, crying as I hold myself even tighter.

The five boys choose exactly that moment to barge inside their dressing room.

I don’t move, soft sobs escaping my lips as I dig my head into my arms.

“What happened here?” Zayn enquires, menace lacing his tone. “Anne what did you do?!”

“What could I have done?” She scoffs. “We’re ten feet away!”

“Your words Anne... What did you say?” Niall intervenes.

“Sophie? Love? Hey look at me...” Harry whispers, crouching next to me. I feel him undo my handcuffs, before pulling me into his arms. “Shhh it’s okay.”

“Not it’s not,” I shake my head. “You don’t trust me,” I accuse, lifting my head to look at him in the eyes.

“Again with the trust issues Soph?” He sighs, cradling me to him. He kisses my forehead. “It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s the people around you Sophie...”

“Well I think she can defend herself,” Anne puts in. Everyone starts talking at the same time.

“Anne we did not ask for your opinion,” Liam silences.

“I’m just saying,” she responds arrogantly.

“That’s it: you’re staying with Niall and Liam while we go to the movies,” Zayn declares.

“She is not!” Louis protests. “I need her: this way I won’t get out of the theater with a boner!”

“There’s no way I’m staying with Niall and Liam.”

“Anne I won’t harm you again,” the Irish boy shakes his head.

“I don’t trust you. The only person I do trust is Sophie, and that’s occasionally,” she retorts.

“Why can she trust me? Why can Anne, who I’ve known for about a month, trust me, and you, whom I’ve shared so much with, can’t?” I ask quietly to Harry, wounded.

“She’s messing with your head Soph... Don’t listen to her.”

“No he’s messing with yours!” Anne puts in.

“Can somebody please take her away?! In fact, could you all just leave the room? I need to talk to Sophie alone.”

“Be quick Harry... We need to join Little Mix outside in a few: the movie starts in less than twenty-minutes,” Zayn says.

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