Breaking Points

Part Three of Sophie Miller's Stockholm Syndrome
Sophie Miller is no stranger to kidnapping. Getting kidnapped four times in the span of nearly three years practically makes her an expert on the matter. Anne Miller though, Sophie's newly found sister and first time kidnapee, knows one thing her sister doesn't: never let Stockholm Syndrome into your head. It's easier said than done when the One Direction boys prove to not only to have sick, perverted sides, but also worried and loving ones. Will Sophie succomb to the boys' charming attitude once and for all, or will Anne manage to get herself and her sister out before she too is stuck with Stockholm Syndrome? After all, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam have proven repeatedly that their breaking points are right around the corner...


2. Darkness

“I don’t even care. Shut up.” He silences, hips slowly pressing and rubbing into mine. A sick feeling pools inside my stomach as one of his hands wraps itself around both my wrists in a vice grip, holding my arms over my head.

“First step is to get you out of this coat...”

“Niall please try to realise―”

“One more fucking word and my cock shuts you up,” Niall whispers harshly, tugging my arms upwards. “I don’t want to share you with the others just yet. And I doubt you want that also.” He gives me a final warning glare before lowering his free hand down to unzip my coat and pull it harshly off my body. I miss it’s warmth as soon as it’s off.

 “You have no idea how I’ve longed for this to be happening again... And the nice thing is; this time I don’t have to take care of your needs.” He continues, his hand lowering to cup my lower regions.

My whine of protest gets caught in my throat when his warm mouth starts latching on every inch of exposed skin including my mouth, his hand tightening around my wrists as I tense up under him. I feel like screaming, wishing I could fight back. But I can’t. Dad had always warned me that it’s better to act calm and listen to what the kidnapper says, until they lose attention for a small moment of time in which I try escaping.

 “I can sate only myself if I want to because I don’t have feelings for you. I hate you remember?” The blonde reminds breathlessly, smiling on my neck.

No Niall I don’t remember because I’m not Sophie! How the hell did she even manage to develop feelings for them?!

 “You know you hurt Harry a lot at your departure, right?” Niall pursues between kisses, his hands moving to grope my chest.

I gulp nervously and shut my eyes, willing myself to have the courage to push him off. But I can’t. I’m frozen in fear.

“But you know what? I didn’t feel bad for him because you’d practically done the same thing to me. Taking advantage of a man’s feelings...” He sighs, his hips pressing into mine once more.

“Sophie...” Niall pauses for a few seconds, cocking his head slightly to the side. An unknown emotion flashes briefly through his eyes before they return to their malicious demeanour.

“Messing with another’s feelings is a naughty thing to do. I knew you liked thrills but you went too far.” Niall trails on, disapprovingly. “What you did was very, very, naughty. And naughty girls get punished now don’t they?” He continues, kissing down my cleavage.

I jump in surprise as the door creaks open, Niall reflexively placing himself to shield me from the person’s view, his hand loosening around my arms.

“Hey Niall?” The voice is inquisitive.


“Whatdaya want Lou? I’m a little busy...” The Irish boy retorts calmly before I can continue, shooting me a quick backwards glare.

Don’t worry Niall... If it’s Louis Tomlinson like I assume it is, he’s is someone to avoid. Especially when sexual matters are involved... Sophie spilled all about it. Sophie who is NOT me.

“Do you know why the bus stopped for like ten minutes a few minutes ago?” The British boy enquires. The door opens some more and Niall moves over me, still trying to hide me.

“Probably a red light why?”

“A red light doesn’t last ten minutes Niall... Especially not in New York.” He pauses. “And what are you hiding?”

“Louis can you just leave please? There’s nothing here I’m just trying to sleep.” Niall denies.

I can practically hear the other man scowl.

“With the lights on? C’mon Niall I’m not stupid.”

Niall’s weight shifts over me and I whine.

“Who’s with you?”

Niall doesn’t answer right away.


“It’s going to ruin the surprise...”

“Ugh Niall please...”

“Fine. It’s Sophie.” Niall gives up, slowly removing himself. I seize their brief moment of distraction as an occasion to get away.

“For last fucking time I am NOT Sophie!” I burst out angrily, pushing Niall off me. I try scattering off the bed and onto the floor but fail miserably, Niall clutching my left arm in an iron grip. He shoves me back on the bed roughly, eyes locked with mine as Louis shuts the door.

“Don’t you dare try that again.” He menaces.

“What’s with the hair?” Louis frowns, looking at me pointedly as he places himself beside Niall.

“I have no idea mate.” Niall replies, his heated gaze never leaving me.

The door opens yet again, a boy with brown eyes and light brown hair popping his head in. Liam.

“Guys what’s going on? I thought I heard a girl―” He stops, looking at me. “Scream...” He ends, baffled.

Just great.


“No.” I snap, crossing my arms.  “I’m Anne.”

“Where did you find her? And when?” Liam presses ignoring me, also entering the room. I watch helplessly as he closes the door behind him.

“Outside, a few seconds ago.” The blonde huffs, clearly annoyed. “Now if you two would please excuse me, I’d like to get back to what I was doing before you rudely interrupted us.”

“You we’re planning to keep her all to yourself?” The Doncaster boy exclaims. “That’s selfish of you.”

 “Hello! I’m not an object you can just pass around!”

 “Shush.” Louis silences. How did Sophie even stand those bastards?!

“I was planning on sharing... just not yet. Harry can’t know I have her right now and Zayn either for that matter.” Niall explains, his fingers trailing on my calf.

I pull my legs to myself, disgusted.

 “When exactly were you planning on telling them?” Liam probes, looking at me curiously. Maybe I should tell them I’m Sophie’s twin sister... Or maybe not. Ugh I don’t want them to know she’s nearby!

 “I’ll tell ‘em after tomorrow’s interview... You know because it’ll practically be the kicking off of our tour?”

“Yeah Niall I’m sorry but you’re not going to have her alone right now.” Louis denies. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had any action and I need to make sure I’m still working properly down there.”




We all turn to look at him.

“Sorry I felt out... I want in too.” Liam says sheepishly.

“Jesus Christ,” Niall groans, passing his hand into his hair.

“Well you know what they say Niall, two’s company, three’s a party.” Louis points out.

“And don’t I get a say in this?” I butt in.

“No.” They retort in unison. There’s a moment of silence where all they do is just look at me, like snakes about to strike.

“Okay fine. But I get to direct all this.” The blonde gives in.

I gasp.

“No please no!”

“No problem.” The Doncaster boy nods, removing his shirt.

I shake my head negatively, panicking. Oppositely to Sophie, I have no experience whatsoever. And they don’t know that.

“No please.”

“Come on Sophie...” Louis coos, approaching me. “You know you’ll end up liking this anyways... And you can’t deny you deserve this for bailing out on us.”

His warm hands start caressing my thighs while Liam and Niall also remove some articles of clothing. My breathing erratic, I keep backing away from him until I reach the end of the small bed. I throw myself on the floor, taking him by surprise.

“What the fuck Sophie?”

“It’s Anne alright?! I’m not Sophie! How many times am I going to have to tell you?!” I shout, still trying to get as far from him as possible.

“Quit your lying,” Liam shakes his head, standing beside Louis. Both of them were towering menacingly over my small figure, their tattooed bodies making them ten times more threatening.

“Guys let me calm her down a bit...It has been almost a month after all.” Niall pushes his way through them and grabs me, hauling me back on the bed easily. Almost immediately he’s on me, his mouth joining with mine.

Barely thinking straight, I struggle. Holding himself up with one hand, his other one reaches behind my head, fisting my blonde hair painfully. I whimper.

“Don’t fight this, or I’ll pull alright?” He whispers in a sickly-sweet voice. He kisses me again, and shockingly, it’s less harsh. It’s good. Horribly good. No, no, no! This can’t be happening.

But it is. Niall is tender, almost loving in his approach. I feel my body slowly submitting to the kiss, and I find myself responding to it.

“Good girl,” he purrs softly after a few seconds, his grip on my hair loosening.

“Niall stop hogging her,” Louis protests.

As soon as Louis talks, the spell is broken and I start squirming again. Why did I even give in to Niall? He’s an arse! I shouldn’t want to kiss him!

“Great job Lou.” Liam huffs, helping Niall to hold me down.

“Hey I was only stating a fact,” Louis defends, crossing his arms over his chest. I keep thrashing wildly; hoping one of them would give up.There’s no way I’m going to go down on this without a fight.

“Please let me go,” I beg as Liam pins me to the bed again. He places himself over my head, his knees on my upper arms to keep them immobile on the sheets. I can’t help the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Oh no guys she’s crying,” The brown-haired boy frowns. I wonder why!

“Louis don’t fall for it. She’s going to take advantage of you just like she did with Harry.” Niall snaps, his hands busy with the removing of my shirt. He ends up tearing it off, leaving my with only my bra.

“Niall I don’t like it... That’s not like her. That means you’re really hurting her somehow.” I can hear the worry in his voice. So Louis does have a heart. Good to know.

“Louis nobody is forcing you to stay.” Liam says from above my head, his fingers playing with my hair.

“But I want to stay. I just don’t want to see her crying! I don’t want to feel like a monster!”

“Well either you leave, you blindfold her, or you arouse her. Your choice. Any option is fine with me.” The Irish boy states, pausing to look at him.

I can’t help the continuous sobbing, still trying to wriggle my way out of under Liam’s knees.

“Please...” I plea.

“I think it’s too overwhelming for her right now... she’s weeping; something’s not right. I’m going to sit out on this one.” He decides dejectedly, pulling away. “Next time Sophieboo.”

“Okay shut the door when you exit,” Niall shrugs, returning his attention back on me as soon as the Doncaster boy leaves. “But I really like the blindfold idea. Liam, pass your shirt.”

“No Niall please!” I cry.


“No Niall you can’t do this! Are you deaf?! I’m not Sophie!” I start panicking, shaking my head madly. But then Liam holds my head still and my vision is brusquely ripped away from me as the shirt is wrapped over my eyes. I’m petrified, my heart pounding rapidly in my chest.

Foreign lips meet mine, but I don’t respond to them. Not until the feeling of fear starts fading, triggered by soft fingers tracing slow, languorous circles on my stomach. The movement is followed by lustful breathing. Appalled, I realise it’s mine.

“Well, well. I think we’ve just discovered a new kink Liam,” the Irish boy chuckles from somewhere in the darkness.

“Good. Maybe it’ll make her give in,” Liam responds, the weight on my arms removing itself carefully. Once again a pair of lips joins my own, hands on my wrists. This time, I’m positive it’s Liam.

My body gets a mind of its own as the two boy’s start exploring it more profoundly, placing sloppy kisses all over my chest to make my arousal mount more and more. And regrettably, it does.

I whine as out of the blue, I feel someone kissing my breasts as well as a hand down my panties.

“Please stop...” I gasp, the feeling unusual and unfamiliar.

“Sophie quit asking for things you don’t truly want,” Niall whispers. If my sister would’ve wanted this, shes a sicko.

I whimper as someone tweaks my nipples harshly, but I scream in protest as fingers enter me. A hand is immediately placed over my mouth, but the person keeps shoving his finger in and out of me with short thrusts. A peculiar sensation clouds my senses as the movement continues. It isn’t pleasant, nor unpleasant. It’s just weird.

“Christ that’s annoying as fuck,” Niall’s voice curses, pulling the hem of my pants.

I find myself disappointed as the feeling stops, the calloused digits removing themselves. Fear crawls back in.

“Stop touching me, please,” I whisper, voice unsteady.

There’s no response. My jeans and panties get pulled off my legs and I shudder, a cold breeze hitting my nearly naked body.

“Niall pl― Oh my God!” I moan as the digits re-enter me, twice as deep. This time it hurts. I start crying again, the tears not making their way past my blindfold.


Liam kisses me yet again, his body moving itself to straddle my waist. His warms hands are all over me, his member hardening by the second on my stomach.

In the darkness, my bra is removed and Liam gropes the mounds of fat on my chest leisurely, flicking his fingers over my nipples which are getting firmer as seconds go.

My mind is exploding into madness, not being able to tell which part of my body will be violated so pleasurably next. It’s beyond belief how rapidly the pain inflicted by Niall was dulled into pleasure. Sweet, sinful pleasure.

“Niall is she almost ready?” The British boy grunts, rolling is hips slowly to give some friction to his manhood.

“Yeah she’s as wet as hell,” He acknowledges. I hear a wrapper getting torn.

“Condoms? Really?”

“I’m not taking chances.”

Well that’s a good thing. No sex would be even better.

Next thing I know, one of them is inside me. I was a virgin. It ached.

“Christ Sophie you’re tighter than I remember,” Niall grunts. Because I’m not Sophie. Because you just took my virginity. I can’t help wondering if Sophie had lost it similarly to me.

I start crying silently once more, feeling as if my body had betrayed me. Because even though it was sore at first, it now felt good to have Niall’s pulsing member thrusting inside me.

“Liam?” The younger boy pants, shoving himself in and out. “You gonna take the other end or?”

I moan loudly as whom I guess is Liam’s hands, start rubbing circles on my clit.

“Nah. I’ll take the same hole as you.” The brunette responds.

“You know it’ll probably hurt her?” He breathes huskily, still driving his shaft through my throbbing walls. “People get over-sensitive after orgasms...”

“Well she can’t get only pleasure right? She took advantage of Harry’s affection. She deserves a form of punishment.”


With a few other harsh pushes, Niall groans, reaching his climax.

“Jesus that felt good.”

Niall removes his member from inside me, but it’s soon replaced with Liam’s. It’s undoubtedly bigger. I can’t help what comes next. Liam plunges in me barely three times, and I orgasm, helped heavily by Niall’s fingers rubbing my nub.

I’m lost in a series of intense bursts of pleasure and pain, the fact I was completely in the dark not aiding.

Though it takes less than a minute for the pleasurable feeling to leave. The ache returns, touchier. I feel sensitive all over.

“Stop,” I shake my head and try to pull away blindly, trying to steady my breathing. “Liam stop it hurts!”

“That’s the point.”

His thrusts get rougher, faster and deeper.

“Liam!” I shout in pain. I try to get Niall’s hand off me but he only ends up pressing on my sensitive clit even harder.

“No please! Please quit it!”

It’s like I’m speaking to air. The only answer I get is the sound of Liam’s skin slapping mine and his low grunts. He lets out a bestial growl.

“I’m coming.”

It’s over. I’m shaking. I feel used. All of this because I’m supposedly Sophie.

The shirt is removed from my eyes, and laced around my ankles instead. In silence, I’m handcuffed to the head of the bed and gagged, before Niall carefully pulls the sheets over me, covering my naked body.

“Sleep tight Princess.” He ends, shutting the lights.

I’m in the darkness once more. The tears come back as I curl up alone. Please Dad, come and save me like you saved Sophie.

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