Ariella Gray. EMIT Agent. Stationed In London.

Ariella, to those she does not know, may seem to be your average woman. Moved away from her birthplace to try for a better life. However, what meets the eye is not always what lies within as things start to unravel and her world slowly crumbles from beneath her...


4. Chapter 4

A police car arrived and officers got out immediately.
‘Hello.’ A calm voice said. The voice was from a female officer who had started walking towards Ariella. ‘I’m Olivia. Olivia Dean. Livi to my friends, and we’re friends.’ Ariella turned her head slightly.
‘Ah so you’re the one who is going to try and emphasis on the try, to convince me not to shoot him. And then when, well if, I surrender my weapon, I will get taken into custody, by the officers behind you. Then I’ll stay in a jail cell whilst waiting an eternity for a court date. How am I doing so far?’ Olivia looked stunned and started to speak.
‘Very well ac…’ She was swiftly cut off by Ariella.
‘However, if I decide not to drop my gun, your officers, unbeknown to everyone else, are stationed in many of the buildings surrounding us.’ She paused and looked around before continuing her assessment of the situation. ‘Like over there that block of flats. You have… ooh three officers one on the 6th floor, one on the 10th and the last one on the 4th. Am I right?’ Livi nodded slightly taken aback by the extent of Ariella’s knowledge of the operation. ‘I was never going to shoot him, you must understand this before you attempt to arrest me. I know that even though I’ve told you this I can still be arrested for possession of firearms. I am sorry to have caused you the trouble, I will lower my weapon. As long as you call off you officers in the flats. Do we have a deal?’ Ariella cocked her head to the side waiting for an answer.
‘Yes, I think we can come to that arrangement.’ Livi said hastily.
‘Good!’ Said Ariella as she started to lower her gun, and glanced at the flats.


Four officers rushed over to get Sam, and Livi ran to get the gun off Ariella.
‘Tut tut.’ Exclaimed Ariella as she turned and pointed the gun at Livi. ‘You didn’t call them off like I asked you to.’ Livi stayed calm.
‘Yes I did.’ Ariella raised her eyebrows and sighed.
‘We both know you didn’t, let’s be honest. I feel slightly insulted at how much of a fool you take me for.’ Livi was now feeling slightly nervous at what the woman in front of her could do. ‘I will, as I’m nice, give you one more chance, but only one more! Don’t test me!’ This time Livi signalled to the officers.
‘They are stood down.’ She informed Ariella.
‘Good, now mind if I get a coffee?’ She asked, and Livi started to protest. ‘I just need to get to my car.’ Still with the gun in her hand Ariella walked towards Livi, who started walking backward to the car as well.
‘You can drop the gun now.’ Livi told Ariella. Ariella nodded, but instead of dropping the gun she reached into her pocket for her phone, she unlocked it quickly. The time read 7:43. She sighed and proceeded to click on an app.

This app was a heat map. It would show her whether Livi was telling the truth or not. Ariella held the camera up to the flats and took a photo. She studied it for a couple of seconds but made no facial expression.

 All this while she was still walking towards her car. Livi hit the car.
‘Do you realise how expensive this car is? You will be paying for the repairs if it is scratched you realise.’ Livi nodded and again tried to persuade Ariella to drop the gun.
‘I’ve stood down the officers, you can drop the gun.’
‘I think you mean I could drop the gun. Whether I do is a completely different matter. It all depends whether your guys are stood down or not.’
‘I assure you they are.’ Said Livi for the fourth time, her voice wavering. In a split second Ariella had Livi’s arm behind her back and the gun to her head. Ariella slipped her phone back into her jacket pocket.
‘Friends don’t lie.  Do they? I gave you chance after chance, I was being a friend, what you said you were being to me. Yet you weren’t were you? I’m not sure I can do a fifth time lucky, it would stretch my tolerance a bit.’ She shouted so all the officers could hear. Then she bent her head so it was next to Livi’s ear and whispered. ‘If your officers shoot me I can guarantee all of you will lose your jobs. I can also guarantee all of you will end up dying in tragic accidents within the next few months. The final thing I can guarantee is that you will be the last to die, this is so that you know that all their deaths were your fault. Understand.’ Livi gasped. ‘Blood on your hands.’
‘Tell everyone to stand down!’ She shouted. ‘Everybody now!’ She was shivering.
‘Good.’ Ariella said as she pulled something out from an inside pocket and showed it to Livi. ‘See this, this my get out of jail free card.’
‘You’re EMIT?’
‘Yes I am and you are not my friend. I advise you not to ever use that line to stop someone again. It would have made me want to shoot someone more!’
‘It would’ve have saved a lot of time if you had just said in the first place.’ Said Livi getting out of Ariella’s hold, still slightly shaken up.
‘Yes, but where is the fun in that! I got to threaten two lives, and also test you, limited skills by the way. Goodbye. I do hope not to be seeing you again. Oh and on a separate note you better stop the media getting hold of this, your department would be toast! Letting an armed criminal just drive away in their Porsche! It’d make front page news!’ Ariella exclaimed slyly and she got into her Porsche, put her sunglasses on. She started the ignition and drove past Livi and the other officers with a smug smile on her face.

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