Ariella Gray. EMIT Agent. Stationed In London.

Ariella, to those she does not know, may seem to be your average woman. Moved away from her birthplace to try for a better life. However, what meets the eye is not always what lies within as things start to unravel and her world slowly crumbles from beneath her...


1. Chapter 1

If the lights could be dimmed any further they would have been, however Ariella would not have the lights off. She said it was because whenever she walked into a room she would have to fiddle a round near the door to find the light switch, even though everyone who asked why knew this wasn’t the real answer. Even so no one dared to ask the real reason for they were afraid of what they would uncover. Ariella wasn’t a shady person, in fact she had never even received a parking ticket, yet she still had a certain air of mystery surrounding her. Her ways of doing things were sometimes illogical yet she always seemed to get to the correct conclusion, however unlikely it seemed at the time. This illogical thinking was the exact reason why she was part of London’s Elite Murder Investigation Team.


EMIT: the Elite Murder Investigation Team; a highly skilled unit consisting of 12 agents. All specialising in murder investigation. Ariella was the brains. From collecting evidence, interrogating, to analysing, she excelled in all. She wasn’t a bad shot either, but it was for none of these reasons that she was part of the team. She joined the team because of her insight. She had the insight into how criminals think, as she had spent years as a petty criminal herself. Ariella had once been for hire, a thief, she would steal anything if the price was right. This meant her skills were indispensable to the team.


However the transition from criminal to an EMIT agent wasn’t easy.  As Ariella had also been well known in the criminal word her whole identity had to be changed. She had to choose a new name, and a whole new life, her great grandmother’s name, Ariella, was picked. From Hebrew, the feminine form of Ariel. Her surname was picked for her, it had to be something that wouldn’t make her sound out from the crowd so the coordinator of her identity change decided on Gray. Ariella Gray. Before any of this could work she would have to fake her own death. With help of course, but nonetheless. Once her death was finalised the plan was carried out; her past was over. 

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