YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! But I love you.

Mia Morrinson inspired many girls to believe in their inner beauty and that way, love would come to them. But Mia, who is clearly beautiful, has yet to find the one. Doesn't she believe in her inner beauty? Is everything that she has said to her fans a lie?

Richard Armitage is gaining more popularity after popularity yet, his company thinks it's not enough. They need to hit the mass media in any way. But how?


1. Yes, I will.

   Oprah is one of the most famous people in the world. And being on her show is a blessing. For me, it is already my third time in her show. It's amazing being there because you can actually have a mature conversation and people are really interested on it.

   After we talked about the release of my first book, "Face to Face", a picture stood on the big screen, me, in one of the most recent photoshots I did. Oprah stared at me and again, she started a new topic, like usual.

  "2013 wasn't really your year. It feels like it was the year of going nude and just show the fashion sense you got. Did you feel dislocated? Like you didn't belong to the same world as people around your age?" Oprah asked, touching a sensitive topic, not for me, but for other singers of my generation.

  "I would lie if I say I was very comfortable with it. I felt really dislocated and shocked actually. People do crazy things because they crave for attention and they don't want to be forgotten. My Mother and my Dad thought me to be myself and never sell myself to the media. I surely would disappoint them with various acts of rebellion." I pronounced those words, in my mind, my parents laid there, in respect.

  "Just like the rebellious starts of now, you also grew up in the eyes of the media. And we can clearly see that it didn't affect you. Or did it?" She made another answer; this interview was getting deep in my mind.

   "Somehow I can relate to the starts of today. Everyone have their rebellious moments during their teens. Some come early, some come on the right time and some come too late. And then, you have those teens who abuse the power they have in the world and just make the "scene" worse. It'd hard to live your teen years in front of the cameras but it's something a strong mind can only endure." I said, smiling slightly to the camera as I spoke.

   The sign under our heads lit up into a red colour and I read what was on it. Clap. Like they were obeying their king, women just start clapping fiercely. That's how TV shows end a conversation topic. When they are satisfied enough, they tell their robots to clap as a sign of ending and then, they seek for more, filled with greed. 

   "Along your journey through this industry, you created a legion of fans. You helped so many women believing themselves and in their inner beauty. Making them believe that everyone can be beautiful, inside and outside. Why did you enrolled in such a hard task?" Oprah questioned, seeking for some good answers, not wanting to disappoint her viewers.

   "I didn't make women believe in it. I made woman get into the reason and for once, accepting the truth they are beautiful, in their own way. If I didn't take on this task, who would? People are getting lazier and lazier to help others. It hurts that people are loosing their humanity." I stated, and this time, the red sign under my heard didn't light up yet, every women in the studio clapped on their own will, something that is very rare.

   "You are also such a beautiful young lady, beautiful inside and outside. I'm sure you have someone under your glamorous eyes." Oprah said, now, trying to get a little of stupid gossip in her show.

   "I really don't have anyone. Well, I do have my celebrity crushes but they mean nothing. I am waiting for the one." I said, smiling widely, just by imagining the good moments I would have with my loved one.

   "And you will be able to recognize him as the one?" Oprah asked such a daring question. 

   I looked at the infinite for a while. It was plain white, like my mind was. Would I recognize him? That question replayed on my mind over and over again in plain seconds. Then, I reassured my answer. 

  "Yes, I will."

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