Unexpected Love {Love Triangles}


2. Chapter 2

Me and Kaitlyn were running after the assholes that stole our luggage. I will tell you this, we aren't so athletic so you can only imagine how far behind we were from those guys. They were like, fucking track stars sprinting and shit like what the hell?!

They all came to a stop as me and Kaitlyn began to catch up with the blonde one. They turned around, but when they did the blonde one looked me in the eyes and then at the rest me. See I am African American and Native American and neither shades are very light. I am a light chocolate brown with a hint of red in my skin with very long hair that is sometimes wavy, but is just curly really. (A.N.// this actually how I look. so yeah I'm describing myself...) I get really insecure about boys because I feel like they won't like someone as dark as me, but oh well.

I felt another pair of eyes land on me I looked up to see a boy with dark black hair with nice dark tan skin with chocolate coco eyes. As he looked at me he licked his lips which made me shiver.

I did see a light caramel skinned boy with lighy brown hair and a tight jaw looking at both me and Kaitlyn with hunger. I think Kaitlyn might have noticed this too because she looked at me with the "Woah" look.

One thing I did notice was that the curly head over there was checking out Kaitlyn. I must admit he was hot, but by the way this girl, Kaitlyn, was looking at the boy I could tell this was not the last time we would see these boys again...

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