Unexpected Love {Love Triangles}


1. Chapter 1

Taylor's POV-

Well me and my main biatttcccchhh are headed for London! I can't wait! We even got jobs at this little coffe shop down the street from our apartment.

We were thinking about what we were gon--

"Excuse me for the interupption, but our flight to London,England has landed. Our flight to London,England has landed."

I looked at Kaitlyn, than outside, at Kaitlyn, than back outside."WE MADE IT!!!"

Kaitlyn looked at me,back outside, me, than back outside. She said, " We aren't the only ones who wanted to board this flight and come here."

Thats when I got confused and looked out her window again. I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. There were the sexiest five boys I have ever seen standing outside of our plane with our luggage. I don't think they were here to pick us up either, otherwise they wouldn't have been running!

Shits about to go down, and some dicks are about so be deceased!

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