Who will she choose

A girl named Jada and her friends Justin, Liam, Louis, Niall, Austin, Brad, and Steven are all best friends for as long as they could remember. After a tragic brake up with Dylan, she thought she would never love again but when she meets Harry styles everything changes she completely forgets about Dylan. Will Jada's brother Zayn let her date him or will she have to settle for someone else Zayn approved of. Jada lives with her brother, her mom died from cancer and her dad is in jail serving life, although her best friend practically live there.


1. I met him... (Chapter one)

Jada's P.O.V

"One tall strawberry and cream frappe, thanks" I said

I had finally gotten out if the house I hadn't been out ever since Dylan cheated on me with me so called 'Best friend' I didn't want to think about them any longer but I couldn't help it. I started to tear up thinking about all the times we spent together. I had to snap out of it but I couldn't the more I thought about him the madder I got I turned around angrily SMASH I ran into the guy behind me

"I am soo sorry I didn't me to I ju-" he paused

As soon as we met eye to eye he paused I couldn't look away from is green eyes, his curly brown hair his perfect dimples.

"Are you o-okay" he stuttered

My heart melted when I heard his deep raspy voice it was just so perfect words couldn't explain

Hoped you like it that just the start I will add to it tomorrow xx

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