Makes Me Wonder (Adam Levine Fanfic)

Young girl Alice gets a Meet-N-Greet to see the band Maroon 5. Head over heels in love with the lead singer Adam. Does Adam fall in love with her too?


2. Story of My Life



"Hello, how are you? What's your name, love?" Adam asked me. I stood there in complete awe. The love of my life was right in front of me. "A-Alice" I stuttered. He smirked as he signed my poster from the latest album. That was the story of my life. The guy I love and he couldn't care less about me. I'm not saying Adam isn't loyal to his fans but he didn't care about me...not at all.

If I was on fire and he had water, he'd drink it and leave me to ashes. All though, he noticed my tattoo that says 'M5' I'll give him credit for that. 

When I got into the car after the front row concert, I looked at the poster to see his autograph. As I was looking, I saw a note underneath "Call me babe ;) (973) 555-38292" Wait, what?! The Adam Levine gave me his phone number! What is air? I can't breathe right now, literally. My lungs are gasping for oxygen.

Now this is the story of my life- my celebrity crush gives me his phone number. Wow. I like this story...a lot. 



I called the phone number, hoping he would answer. "Hello?" A recognized voice said. I was in utter shock. "Um, hi. It's Alice. Remember me, from the meet-n-greet?" I asked, hoping he'd say yes. "Yes! Hello Alice! How are you, hun?" He called me hun! "I'm great, and you, babe?" Taking a whack at it. "Haha. I'm good, thanks. So I'll be in town for another day before the tour kicks off again. Would you like to meet for a coffee tomorrow?" HE ASKED ME FOR COFFEE, OH MY GOSH!  "Yes! Of course!" I squealed. "Okay, it's a date! Take care now. Bye bye." He hung up. I HAVE A DATE WITH ADAM FREAKIN LEVINE! I love this story that is called my life.

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