Makes Me Wonder (Adam Levine Fanfic)

Young girl Alice gets a Meet-N-Greet to see the band Maroon 5. Head over heels in love with the lead singer Adam. Does Adam fall in love with her too?


6. Rude Boy

 I was on Twitter all day, looking at hate. So many threats and hate. It's awful. Adam stoke up for me, once. I noticed one tweet that stood out from all the rest. "@alice_levine YOU ARE SO UGLY! I'M GONNA KILL YOU ONE DAY, I SWEAR!" This got me really scared. So I told Adam about, he just stood there with his jaw drop, finding the right words to respond to it. "Babe, I'm so so sorry. Ignore them, please?" He said. I shook my head. 

I knew I was going to get hate, but not this much! I literally feel like someone punches me in the heart each time I read a hate message. But this boy, he's so rude!

Reading all of these messages, it makes me feel even more insecure about myself and this relationship.

"Babe, I need to,um, talk to you." I said, gulping down some spit.

He leaned his head onto mine and was rubbing my waist. How can I tell him how I feel now?

"Baby, I've been thinking-" I was interupted, "YOU THINK?!" Adam jokingly said.

I got mad so I turned the other way and carried onto my business. Adam grew puppy eyes, begging me to tell him what was on my mind.

I ignored him. It's what he gets for being so rude. All though it was just suppose to be a joke, it wasn't funny to me, not at all.

How sensetive I am doesn't help on his case either. 

All I want is to have my man stick up for me. Is that too much to ask for? I guess so.

Enough of this, I'm going out with some friends tonight, I have to get my mind off of that rude boy and Adam.

I just can't believe those two boys. 

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