Makes Me Wonder (Adam Levine Fanfic)

Young girl Alice gets a Meet-N-Greet to see the band Maroon 5. Head over heels in love with the lead singer Adam. Does Adam fall in love with her too?


3. Just a Feeling



I was at he downtown Starbucks,mixing my coffee and cream while waiting for this girl, Alice. 

It must be just a feeling, but Alice may be the most beautiful girl I have seen since awhile. Her beautiful dark chocolate hair has me starstruck. She is purely beautiful. I've seen many types of girls around the tour, but Alice, she's different from the rest. I don't know how, but she is. A beautiful type of different, of course. She's the perfect height to kiss on the forehead. She's just perfect.

I got there an hour early, just in case she also got here early. 

My perfectly hot coffee burned my tongue.

I saw her, she was wearing a mini blue and pink polka dot dress. She looked so beautiful in that dress. What is this feeling? It's so beautiful, I love it. Her hair was curled. Why did she do this to me? She has no clue what she's doing to me.



There he was. Adam Levine was right in front of me once again. I got so nervous, who wouldn't though? "Hey darling!" Adam managed to squeak out. Instead of saying hi back, I simply just smiled. 

This must just be a feeling, but I can feel the start of something new between us.

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