Makes Me Wonder (Adam Levine Fanfic)

Young girl Alice gets a Meet-N-Greet to see the band Maroon 5. Head over heels in love with the lead singer Adam. Does Adam fall in love with her too?


4. All I Want For Christmas Is You



 Today is Christmas and I'm all alone. The boys and I are on break for this week from the tour. I kind of wish Alice was here so I can cuddle with her and watch movies with a fire going. Does that sound weird? I don't really care though. I'm drop dead in love with her. She may not know this, but, she is my world right now. She was the only girl at the meet-n-greet that treated me like an actually human. The others treated me as Adam Levine from Maroon 5, not Adam Levine the human. She keeps my heart warm. She's the kind of girl I want to take home to meet my mother.



I decided to call up Adam, to wish him a merry Christmas. And because you only live once so go freakin nuts, I'm also going to tell him how I feel about him. To me, he could probably be a really good Dad. Making sure his kids are nice and warm during the holidays, keeping them spoiled by taking them shopping to get them whatever they wanted. He's so beautiful and I want him to be mine.

"Hello?" Adam answered. 

"Oh, um, hi! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" I squealed out.

He just laughed and wished me a merry Christmas too.

"I have something to tell you Adam. I'm kind of in love with you. I have been for two years. Sorry if it just got awkward between us. Well, goodbye." I was too scared to hear what he was going to say about it. He called back as soon as I hung up.

"Hello?" I answered, crying because I was too embarassed to talk to him right now. 

"I have something to tell you too actually. I'm in love with you too. At least I think I am. Want to meet me up at the same Starbucks again?"

I nodded my head, thinking he was here. "Yes, I'd love that." Wiping away the tears rolling down my cheeks.



I got there ten minutes late. I ran over to the table that I saw Adam at.

"Why hello there Ms.Alice!" He smirked.

I just smiled instead of saying hi.

"Listen Alice, I have something to tell you. All I want for Christmas is you. Even though we just met, you mean so much to me. Will you do the honors to go out with me?" He blushed. It was so adorable. His cheeks were a dusty rose kind of color.

"YES! Of course!" I said.

He leaned over the table to kiss my forehead.

This is the start of something new. A new life for me to live.

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