Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


10. :O NO WAY!!!!!!

Abigail's P.O.V

Me and Harry makes our way into Annie's house and Gemma came running out with her arms wide open and Harry opened up his arms, Gemma squealed " not you Harry!" As she dodged Harry she ran into my arms " I haven't seen you in a LONG time we'll ever since you were 1 year old and I was like 7 years old! Barley remembering who she was " Oh Yeah, haha I remember you now!" I said Hiding through my lies. "You don't remember me do you?" Gemma said sternly " Of course I do! Don't be silly ;P" I announced. Harry questioned " can we go inside?I'm getting cold" me and Gemma chuckled then nodded and continued to walk into the house. OMG I just remembered tomorrow I get to meet my fave boy Niall from one direction even though I LOVE them all :D! As I was packing my stuff away in drawers I heard "Abigail" about 4 times until Harry came down and frighten the living shit out of me! "AHHHHHHH WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!!" I screamed falling down hitting my head off edge of the drawers " HARRY WTF!!!" That actually really hurt my head "hahahaha dinner is ready hahaha" Harry excliamed basically excitedly -.- " yeah I'll be up in a minute" I got up very slowly and when I had went up stairs there was all the boys Zayn and destiny, Liam and Jena, and Louis and Angel, Harry and Abby, wait wait wait Lets go back a minute Harry's girlfriend got the same name as me! That's Awesome :D now there is two Abby's! Anyways I realize these people are actually really pretty! " Hey guys!" I said and everyone replied back " Hiii!" The loudest one there was probably Lou but suddenly I heard the door open, My heart Literally dropped and Niall walked through the door :| (LE DEAD)

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