Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


8. London :)!

Abigail's P.O.V

Abigail we are going to be late! Our plane leave at 6:30 and it's 5:00!" My mother said loudly,as soon as she said the time I sprung up and ran for my suitcase brought it by the door so I wouldn't forget it then ran to the shower -10 mins later- I walked up to my bedroom grabbed my hairdryer dried my hair as fast as i could then brushed out my hair put on my lilac summer dress with the lilac flats I bought about 1 year ago.looked at my alarm clock and it said 5:59 and I said to my self I still got to do my make up D: (literally that's the face I made) so I put my mascara,eyeliner and my eye shadow on just for today. I ran down stairs and I had no time to eat so I grabbed a cereal bar for on the way. "Come on Abigail it's 6:15"mom announced "Okay mom I'll be down in a minute I just got to grab my phone and the charger". I basically ran down the stairs into the kitchen and grabbed mom's hand and dragged her into the porch. "Wait I have to turn the power off in the house"mom said she went to the control panel thingy and shut off all the power and she finally said she was ready. -skip car ride-I got to the airport 5 minutes later and we almost misses our flight but thank the heavens we didn't. As we got on to the plane I had to find my seat', I kept going through my b36 b36 b36 -skip the plane ride- Finally after 8 damn long hours and we are here! As we got out of the plane my mom got a call from my doctor he told us to come to the hospital because he had the wrong results mixed up so yeah I'll just go the London hospital -.-! When we waved for a taxi a seen a boy walking over towards me and my mother.i was starting to get scared put he walked past me and hugged my mother... That was awkward "someone please explain to me what is happening..." I exclaimed. "You must be Abigail I'm Harry Styles" I didn't think my eyes couldn't go that big! "So auntie rose and I take Abigail to the mall with me and my friends?" Harry asked calmly " I guess that's okay but bring her back to Annie's house okay? That's where we are staying by the way Abigail"my mother sounded excited to see her sister No one told me Damn it "mom I thought you didn't have any brothers or sisters?" I said barely freaking out. " I told you I had a sister Annie when you asked me when you were little,but yeah I'll take your bags and the crutches you don't need". So I got into Harry's car and we drove to his "friends" flat when we got there i seen Zayn on the phone with his girlfriend destiny "alright I have to go now destiny, Okay love you see you soon bye. Zayn sound like he was really in love the way he talked to her! " hey Harry,who is this?"Zayn asked Harry replied " this is my 1st cousin Abigail" "Hi, I'm Zayn, I wish I lovely girlfriend was here so you could meet her!"Zayn said excitedly Harry said " we'll we must be leaving now so we can have abigail some friends hahaha" Next stop Liam's Flat.as we got to Liam's flat Liam's escalade was gone "Ooh well Liam's gone out for a date with his girlfriend Jena" Harry spoke pretty quietly " and Lou is gone somewhere today and Niall won't be coming back until tomorrow he was in Ireland visiting family.so what do you think about having a party? You just got in London and I haven't seen the boys all together as a group in a while and you could also meet them, Sound okay?" I replied quickly " sounds perfectly fine to me!:D" I couldn't be so excited

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