Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


1. Intro

Abigail's P.O.V

"Abigail!" My mum yelled at the bottom of the stairs " it's time for school!" As I rolled over I sighed forced myself up out of my bed. I walked over to my stereo turn on music then picked out my clothes I was going to wear today. I went to the bathroom forgetting about my stereo because the volume was so low but I went to get a shower. ............ 10 mins later

When I was going around turn before I got into the kitchen i heard my my mother and father arguing, and before I knew it the door was slammed and my father was gone, what a great way to start out my morning so I just want to eat my breakfast and go to school to get it done and over with! At least Kristen will help me through this!

Abigail finishes eating her breakfast then goes to off school.

Kristen's P.O.V

As me and Abigail walked through the school doors I knew there was something wrong with her cuz she never talked to me once as we walked to school and Abigail is a outgoing girl not one that is quite!

Abigail's P.O.V

I don't know if I should tell Kristen about my parents yet even though we've been friends ever since kindergarten it's like there is a devil and an angel sitting on my shoulder saying tell her and no she can find out herself! But I think the angel won this round and I just blurted it out and everyone looked at me like I was crazy and Kristen said lower next time and then laughed,As Kristen just walked ahead I stared at her walking away I thought she had my back and she just laughed it off!?!? Wow Kristen knows she's not my best friend :(

Kristen's P.O.V

I mean I had the right to walk away from abigail. You probably think that abigail is a nice girl but she has been putting me down since we were friends in kindergarten, If she can't change I will!

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