Tell Me A Lie

A relationship grows back after there break up they will never forget, will Samantha choose Zayn the one she always fights with or Brian the mr. Perfect guy?


2. Too Much Happened!

Zayns P.O.V

Last night i was. DRUNK! No doubt about that too much happened last night and now i have a massive headache. I walked out of the room to see harry on the couch naked with a blanket over him and.... Louis? On the floor with his belt undone and a girl next to him naked with her arm on Louis. What happened last night, cans were everywhere vomit on the floor near the toilet. My phone buzzed and i got a message from Liam

From: Liam

Awesome party last night eh! loved truth or dare.

A party??? All i remember was a girl bringing me to her room, ummm... Chelsea! Louis started groaning and i found a note next to him

saying: i did Harry and Louis hope you don't mind Zayn?

Wow nothing is coming back to me i must of been pretty drunk i saw Chelsea walk through the door with a dressing gown on

"Morning Zayn." She smiles

"What happened last night?"

"Jessica threw a party after we had sex then after that we did again?" She looks confused

"I must have been pretty drunk!"

"Dont you remember Zayn?"

"Not one thing."

"Cause you've got that one thing 🎶" she sings

I laugh, Harry wakes up "Morning Zayn, Morning chelsea, wait shit why is louis here."

"I thought you were drunk last night and she? Was your one night stand?." I ask

"Nope i've been dating Jessica for weeks, and i wasn't drunk i remember everything." He smirks and looks at chelsea.

"You've been dating jess?" Chelsea asks

"Yea? Why?"

"She has been bringing home a guy nearly every night!"

"That slut!" Harry yells and grabs the paper I'm holding and was about to write on it but instead reads it


"She did me and Louis last night, I'm such a screw up Zayn help me?" A tear slips down his cheek

"Your just a ladies man Harry its okay!" I sit beside him.

"No its not i pick up women who are attractive that i don't know and they fucking use me cause I'm in a band!" He hides in his hands crying

"Mate don't say that you just can't help it... I guess."

"I need help Zayn!"

"No, no you don't!"

"Yes i do lock me up so i never see another girl!" He yells getting up with his blanket around his waist and leaves slamming the door

"I better go with him bye chelsea." I saying picking up my clothes from Chelsea's room and my wallet and slap Louis in face.

"Louis wake up we are leaving!" I snap

Louis groans rubbing his eyes

"Uh okay coming." He's finally wide awake when he sees the naked girl beside him

"What the F happened last night!" He yells

"You got drunk now come on!" I snap

He buckles up his belt and picks up his phone

"Okay!" He's terrified he slept with his best friends girl friend!

We finally get a cab and awkwardly drive home in the cab.

"Is Harry at Home?"

"Yes but he mad at you!"

"He knows?"

"He woke up to it!"

"Holy shit!" Louis yells and runs upstairs yelling Harry's name

My phone buzzes in my hand and its from my ex, what does SHE want!?!?

"What Sam!" I snap

"I still want to be friends." She cries

"Why are you crying?"

"He hurt me!"

"Okay now tell me a lie!" I say in sarcasm

"A lie okay! I love you!" She cries more but i hang up those were the wrong words, i do love her and she says that, she can fucking suffer!

"ZAYN!! COME QUICK!!!!" I hear louis screams in tears

"What why!?!?"

"Harry he's over dozed!" Louis is at the top of the stairs with stained cheeks. I run upstairs to see Harry

"He was in bath but i got him out, i dialled the ambulance they're coming, but he's but he's not breathing, what do we do!!" Louis yells

"I don't know." Is all i can say

"Harry i. Love. You." Louis looks up, and cries more

"Me too," i say but i don't know what to do and all of a sudden the paramedics rush in and check out Harry then Before i know it I'm in the hospital waiting, Patiently...

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