Tell Me A Lie

A relationship grows back after there break up they will never forget, will Samantha choose Zayn the one she always fights with or Brian the mr. Perfect guy?


1. I Love You!

Zayn's P.O.V

"What did i do wrong i did all you wanted, spent my whole heart on you protected you from the that fucking rapist now your leaving me for him!" I yell

"Hes changed he actually cares about me." Sam yelled back

"Thats debatable, my whole life was all about you i didnt care about anything BUT you! I loved you and you leaving me after all i did Sam, I Love You."

"bye Zayn, I'm Sorry but you didn't try that hard enough to keep me i may have been trapped with this guy and he abused me and raped me but he changed after he asked if i was alright alone if i needed company, HE APOLOGISED!"

"he wouldn't of meant it, you believed that bitch after what he did to you."

"Yes i do Zayn he treated me better than you did!"

"If you feel that way, and don't come back if you get hurt from the bitch, because i warned you!"

"Bye Zayn." She rolled her eyes

I didn't reply and she sighed and left i dialled Louis's number

"louis good you picked up Zayn here wanna go out for a drink!"

"Sounds great!"

"Good see you there mate!"

Five minutes later i walked into the pub down the street and saw Louis at the bar and so i walked up to him.

"Hey louis!"

"Zayn what was the occasion to come down here?"

"A breakup to never forget." I sighed

"Oh sorry Mate, well you'll find someone down here." He smirked looking around and pointed to a hot chick with blonde curly hair and a beautiful smile!

"Go on, stop being your shy self Zayn and go up to her." He smirked

I nodded and nervously walked up to her i walked past her and glanced at her to see if she was single there was no ring so hopefully shes single. I look over at Louis he looking at my every move

"Hello i see you looking at me well I'm Chelsea and you are..... Holy shit are you Zayn from One Direction?!?!"

"Uh yeah i'm Zayn, im sorry but i couldn't help looking at you perfect features and you wonderful smile." I smirk

"Oh well it just happens that your my type." She shows off her sparkly white teeth

"And what might be your type." I ask

"A bradford boy." She smirks

Sooner or later our lips touch not separating again.

"A public place thats where you have it follow me bad boy." She stands up leading me to her car holding my hand. I see her full body, she is wearing tight jeans and her bum is flawless just like Louis's. I look over to where Louis is sitting and he is having a snog at another girl with brown hair, he hands are on her face and her hand is on his stomach its like a washing machine! He looks over at me and mouths

'Nice work Zayney boy!'

'You too Lou.' I mouth back i may be drunk but i don't care :)

Chelsea brought me back to her flat and i can hear noises.

"Don't worry that just Jessica my flat mate with her one night stand," she smiles the room goes silent and a boy with curly hair walks out he was very attractive

"Hello Jess.!"

"Hi Chelsea, this is Harry."

"Hi Harry, Jess this is Zayn."

"HARRY." I knew he looked familiar im so drunk i forgot what my best mate looked like!!!

"Hey mate!"

"Okay well c'mon Zayn show me what you got." She smirks pulling me into the bedroom.

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