The Girl Behind The Camera

Jaylynn Bieber (Lynn for short) Beauty Guru. Volleyball player. YouTuber. Lynn is a normal nineteen year old college student with the supposed perfect life. Did I mention she's also Justin Bieber's twin sister? She's kind, honest, smart, loyal, down to earth, and a role model to girls all over the world. Everyone she meets seems to see her as the pretty girl with perfect everything. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect grades. Well at least that's what everyone thinks, behind the camera and behind her pretty girl persona, she's actually very insecure and has been hurt one too many times. Up until now, Lynn has been able to play her role without a problem but what happens when she goes on tour with her brother who just happens to be touring with the biggest boy band in the world right now and a few certain Aussies? What will happen when she catches the eye of a certain bad ass Irish lad? One that makes her act and feel in ways she's never been before


6. Welcome to London


*WARNING: graphic sexual scenes


Lynn's POV


I was still tired and sleepy when I heard whispering around me. I recognized it was Justin's and the others. I was so tired though and couldn't bring myself to wake up. I heard the snapping of cameras but ignored it. I wanted to sleep, was that too much to ask for? I heard more talking and decided to just wake up. No point in  letting them gossip about me.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked through a yawn. I saw Justin smirk at me and looked to see the other boys' faces. They had a look like they knew something I didn't.

"Just trying to wake you two up because we're here" Liam answered. I realized that at that moment that I was laying in the crook of Niall's neck. I abruptly pulled away. I looked over at them and Zayn, Calum, and Harry were holding up their phones. Niall woke up seconds after and I was glad I woke up before him. I looked over at them and they just had a grin on their faces.

"The fans are already here" I heard Michael say. And he was right because to the right, was a crowd of girls. I saw that all our bags were already moved so we luckily didn't have to carry anything and make trips back and forth to do so. We all pulled out a pair of sunglasses and beanies.

"What are hell are you waiting for?" Niall asked leaving his hand out at me. I took it hesitantly and he pulled me to where the boys were heading. His grip on my hand tightened as we neared the door to where the fans were. I could see there was also paparazzi snapping pictures. I didn't want people thinking the wrong thing so I tried removing my hand, but his grip only became stronger. "Sometimes the fans get out of control" he whispers into my ear. I nodded and stayed close behind him. We were able to make it to the van waiting just a distance away.

As soon as we entered the van, the boys rushed inside, leaving only a space where Niall and I would have to sit together. again. He didn't immediately drop my hand and noticed a little too late. I almost felt...disappointed? that we weren't holding hands anymore. I pushed those thoughts away and fixed my attention on the road. I flinched when I felt his hand run up my thigh and moved slightly away only to have it held in place. I looked over to see an amused expression on his face. He came daringly close to my crotch. Contrary to what Niall had said, I was far from a slut. I was still a freaking virgin for crying out loud. I experienced some unwanted touching but nothing more than that.

"Can you not?" I asked as politely as possible while shoving his hand off me. He only smirked.

"What happened to the feisty Lynn. Where'd she go?" he asked me, putting his hand back on thigh but much closer to my area.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'd really appreciate it if you stopped" I said.  Throughout the whole drive to the so called One Direction Mansion, it was just back and forth of me and Niall. It was extremely annoying and exhausting to say the least.

"I can take your bags for you" Calum said kindly. I smiled and handed them to him. Liam was directing who would stay in what rooms.

"Are you sure it's not a problem?" I asked, not wanting to trouble him.

"Of course it's not, don't worry about it" he answered.

"Wow, you have a boyfriend yet you're flirting with another guy" Niall scoffed.

"Actually, I don't have a boyfriend. Adrian is just a friend of mine" I clarify.

"What, like a fuck buddy?" he asked.

"No, he's a childhood friend of mine, like a brother" I said. When we got inside, I was amazed to see how nice it was inside. I made my way up the stairs and dreaded when I saw my room was directly across from Niall's. I walked into my new room, and it was all clean and the bed was nicely made. My stuff were set down to the side. I noticed that one of my bags were not here yet and went to get it, bumping into the devil himself. He set down my bag and I about to go down and help, when Niall closed the door, locking it. I was facing the door when his had pressed firmly his hand against the door.

He leaned in close and whispered, his lips brushing against my ear, "You should repay me for keeping you out of the fans' reach and for bringing up your stuff". Before I could say how it was his choice and I didn't ask him to, his free hand slipped under my shirt. I let out an unintended moan as he grazed my bare chest and began to fondle my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra under and I felt him smirk at the easy access. He had both my hands pinned against the door in one hand. 

"St-stop" I barely managed. He only continued as he cupped my breast and kissed my neck. I swear I could have heard him moan slightly but, I was soon distracted as he found my soft spot. He let go of my hands when he was sure I wouldn't be physically able to get away from him. I clamped my hands over my mouth as I moaned loudly. He was about to slip his hand in my sweatpants but a soft call for us two stopped him. He pulled away and I began catching my breath.

"I'll make sure it's only us next time" he smirked before leaving. He left his gaze on my body and left to go downstairs. As the door closed behind him, I slumped to the floor. I changed into clean panties because the ones I was wearing now were wet. I can't believe we just did that. I felt my face redden and put on a bra. I changed out of my clothes to capri leggings and a fitted sweater that passed my butt. It may have been summer but in London, it wasn't exactly 'hot' or very 'warm'. I took my hair out of my bun and was about to put it in a high ponytail like I usually did when I played volleyball. I stopped and decided to leave my hair down when I saw a fresh hickey on my neck. I covered it up with concealer and freshened myself up before walking downstairs.

"So what were you two doing upstairs?" Justin asked teasingly. He actually didn't care that much when guys hit on my or anything like that. He encouraged it because I was always single. I guess Justin didn't know how Niall was because normally he would be overly protective with guys like him. I walked down slowly so I could hear their conversation. I know. I'm an eavesdropper. I prayed he wouldn't say what really happened.

"I was up in my room. Lynn said she wanted to change" he replied. I sighed in relief.

"Bullshit!" Louis shouted. I tensed hoping he didn't hear or something. I made sure to be quiet...I should have tried harder to turn around and kick him in the balls. I'm glad, it didn't go that far. Before, this conversation could continue, I walked downstairs. All eyes were on me. 

"What?" I asked normally. Louis narrowed his eyes and looked over at Niall, then me again. He looked over at Harry and the boys.

"Nothing, just talking"Ashton said before this got more awkward. It was already noon and I was starving. I'm sure everyone was by the sound of our stomachs growling. From the kitchen, I could smell bacon and pancakes. We all subconsciously drifted off to the kitchen. Again, I felt a hand on mu butt. It was no surprise to see it was Niall. I tried to act natural as I removed his hand. he found his way back there again. I sighed, and hope none of the boys noticed because then their suspicions would be correct. Like I said, it was only noon. Today was going to be a long day...






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