The Girl Behind The Camera

Jaylynn Bieber (Lynn for short) Beauty Guru. Volleyball player. YouTuber. Lynn is a normal nineteen year old college student with the supposed perfect life. Did I mention she's also Justin Bieber's twin sister? She's kind, honest, smart, loyal, down to earth, and a role model to girls all over the world. Everyone she meets seems to see her as the pretty girl with perfect everything. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect grades. Well at least that's what everyone thinks, behind the camera and behind her pretty girl persona, she's actually very insecure and has been hurt one too many times. Up until now, Lynn has been able to play her role without a problem but what happens when she goes on tour with her brother who just happens to be touring with the biggest boy band in the world right now and a few certain Aussies? What will happen when she catches the eye of a certain bad ass Irish lad? One that makes her act and feel in ways she's never been before


7. New Video


Lynn's POV


It was now Monday so that meant there was work to be done. I didn't really mind though. All that meant was that I didn't have to spend more time with Niall. Images of yesterday flashed through me mind and I could feel my cheeks heating. His touch had left a lingering feeling and I hated to admit it, but it kind of felt...good. Oh my gosh Lynn, get those dirty thoughts out of your mind...

"So what do you guys have to do today?" I asked them as I got downstairs all dressed and ready. I had curled my hair to the perfect volume, making it bounce with each step. I was wearing medium rinsed Abercrombie jeans, a white tank top, and a gray and white printed knit cardigan. I slipped on my UGG moccasins and swiped on my EOS. I wore a cute heart ring and necklace that had a matching heart. I grabbed my beanie and some sunglasses. 

"Just...we'll be at the arena practicing for a concert tonight" Justin said in a mouthful of food.

"El and the girls will be over so you can hang out with them if you don't want to stay with us all day waiting" Louis said. I was about to say something when Justin interrupted me.

"Apparently she has 'stuff' to do too" Justin told them with mock hurt that I wasn't going to be with them all day. I was going to be at the concert so I'd be with them anyways. "Even though we were supposed to spend more time together and bond..." Justin continued. He was being so childish. Of course I missed how close we used to be but we were adults now, and I had a job, well more like a hobby, but I called it a job. I made money from making YouTube videos, quite a lot actually. But that wasn't the reason why I did it. This was one of the only things no one could compare Justin and I too. Doing makeup would be something only I would do. Back then, I admit I was a tomboy but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun doing makeup and those kinds of girlie things. I guess they began to grow on me.

"What are you doing?" Ashton asked me.

"Meeting up with a friend of mine" I stated simply. "But, I'll stay with you guys for a while" I added. I didn't really feel the need to tell them I was a YouTuber and that I made videos. It wasn't like they'd watch my videos. I occasionally did challenge videos and they were fairly funny and popular with the small amount of guy fans but still. I didn't want them to treat me differently.

"Okay, let's go" Paul called as we all finished breakfast. Again, for like the third time, there was only one seat left, and yes, that seat was next to Niall. I sighed as I sat myself next to him. Everything was going well, and when I say well, I meant I wasn't harassed or touched by him. Surprising. I know. I spoke too soon because when I got up to get out, I felt Niall's hand grope my butt.

"Go slut" Niall said in his usual unfriendly tone. I scoffed and felt him have a firmer grip. He squeezed it slightly before saying again, "Hurry your ass up unless you want me to do more than touch you a little". He motioned and was about to give me an example, but I practically jumped out the car. Going too quickly, I stumbled into Ashton and Harry who were not paying attention. To my surprise, Niall's arms found his way around my waist, holding me back from fully falling.

"Thanks" I mumbled. I heard him chuckle and saw a smirk. I was probably going to 'owe' him again...There were fans again, and despite how much of a douche he acted like towards me, I couldn't help but smile at his small gestures of keeping me out of harm's way. Yet, he was perfectly fine sexually harassing me and calling me a slut. If I was such a slut, what made him want to have sex with me so goddamn much then? We made it in and most of the time, they were fooling around and half rehearsing. Niall was so much more different than when he was around me. Around me, he was a jerk, mean, rude, and perverted. Around the boys, he was still to an extent mean and rude but was considerably nicer. My phone beeped and saw it was a text from Alli and Zoe. We were having a three way collaboration and Alli and I just happened to be both in London. She was here to support Cody, her brother who was leaving tomorrow.

"I have to go now" I told them. They were too busy fooling around to notice. Oh well. I left without saying anything, and was glad I went through the back door. I saw Zoe's car and she waved over at me. We greeted each other and headed to her house.

"So what have you guys decided?" Zoe asked us.

"I was thinking a beauty would you rather tag" I answered. Alli's eyes lit up.

"That's a great idea. I've always wanted to do one of those. I've seen it all over YouTube" she beams.

"Great! We'll do three parts so each is on one of our channels" Zoe said as we pulled up to her house.




I actually had very fun today. It was around four when we finished filming. Being girls, we decided to hang out for the day. Zoe had a date with Alfie, her boyfriend tonight and so did Alli. I sighed, knowing that all my girl friends were taken and I was the only one single. I was never great at choosing or making friends because, I usually always ended up being used or backstabbed by them. That was until I met Alana and Mari. They were my first people I met, aside from Justin. It was kind of sad to say that I had more friends from the internet, rather than real life. This was what YouTube did to me. It gave me an opportunity to meet such genuine and great people, ones that didn't care about how I was Justin Bieber's twin sister.

"You have to get this one!" Zoe said. We finished eating and were going to shop for their date outfits. Zoe and Alli were done and somehow felt the need to get me an outfit too, even though I told them I didn't need to, much less had a date or anything. My mind involuntarily drifted to Niall, they were probably still rehearsing for their concert tonight. I sighed as Zoe and Alli handed me a few dresses. I tried them all one and each one literally got tighter and shorter. I ended up giving in to them and picked the white dress. It was the least tight out of all their choices and it ended a little higher than mid-thigh. It was a little to short for my taste, but I sighed knowing this was as good as it was going to get. 

I waved bye to them as I held my bags and entered without trouble. The girls must have all gone back to get ready and rush back here as soon as possible. Well that meant less trouble for me. I was vlogging throughout the whole day because my viewers always liked seeing all the behind the scenes. Instead of going back to where the boys were, I had told Zoe to drive me back to the 1D house. I pulled out my camera and set up the lights quickly. I tweeted out earlier if anyone wanted to see a getting ready for a concert video. There were many yeses so of course I gave them what they wanted. 

I darkened my makeup and did a darker lip. I ignored the hickey Niall had given me which was covered by makeup  and put my curled hair into a pony tail. My bangs framed my face. I showed them my white dress and threw on a leather jacket. For comfort, I decided to wear my black Doc Martens. It was cute with a little bit of grunge. i guess you could say I was feeling a little badass. I checked the time and got a taxi, because one, I didn't have my car here and two, I didn't take my international drivers' license so I couldn't legally drive. I arrived and was lead inside by the security guards. I saw some fans and made small talk before making it back stage.

"Lynn! Over here" Justin called me. I turned around to see all the boys dressed and ready. I saw four other girls beside them. I made my way over and greeted them.

"You look beautiful" Ashton said, taking my hand and kissing it. From the corner of my eye, I saw Niall roll his eyes.

"Thank you" I smiled. "You guys clean up nicely" I complimented them. They really did look nice, even Niall. He was wearing dark jeans, white Supras, and a dark navy t-shirt. I turned my attention to the girls, who dressed very cutely. "Hi, I'm Lynn" I introduced myself and they began to slightly hyperventilate. I guess they were fans.

"Sorry for their awkwardness, this is El, my girlfriend, Lottie, my younger sister, Dani, Liam's girlfriend, and Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend" Louis answered for them. They shot him playful glares and he just laughed.

​"Well, its nice to meet you" I answered giggling. The boys had left to go finish getting ready and the girls and I stayed to talk. They were very nice and I genuinely thought I'd get along with them well and become good friends. They seemed to not give a shit I was Justin's sister. Then again, they were dating members of the biggest boy band and for Lottie, her brother was the Louis Tomlinson. I'm sure she understands how I feel since we both had famous brothers. Even though we didn't seem to talk very long, it was really no more than fifteen minutes, I learned a lot about them. I was surprised to know they had been fans even before Justin got famous.

"We absolutely love your videos!" they gushed.

"Yeah, you're really good at editing your videos" El complimented.

"Thanks, I major in computer editing and video design" I say.

"You're videos are also extremely helpful and my favorite is your DIY videos" Lottie said.

"I'm like your biggest fan, really we all are" Perrie and Danielle added.

"What? Are you kidding me? I'm like a hardcore Mixer and Danielle, I've seen your dancing. It's amazing" I said. It was true. I may seem calm, but inside I was freaking out. If only they weren't fangirling, I would be right now. Like legit. The concert was starting and I found myself feeling excited.






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