The Girl Behind The Camera

Jaylynn Bieber (Lynn for short) Beauty Guru. Volleyball player. YouTuber. Lynn is a normal nineteen year old college student with the supposed perfect life. Did I mention she's also Justin Bieber's twin sister? She's kind, honest, smart, loyal, down to earth, and a role model to girls all over the world. Everyone she meets seems to see her as the pretty girl with perfect everything. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect grades. Well at least that's what everyone thinks, behind the camera and behind her pretty girl persona, she's actually very insecure and has been hurt one too many times. Up until now, Lynn has been able to play her role without a problem but what happens when she goes on tour with her brother who just happens to be touring with the biggest boy band in the world right now and a few certain Aussies? What will happen when she catches the eye of a certain bad ass Irish lad? One that makes her act and feel in ways she's never been before


2. My Brother Justin


Lynn's POV


 25 missed calls. 38 text messages. 13 voice mails. All in one day and all from my twin brother, that's right, it's the one and only Justin Bieber. Actually to be more exact, all in just one morning. I was already tired from the fact that it was only eight which wasn't that early and I was used to waking up much earlier, but I pulled an all-nighter editing a video. I really shouldn't have but I promised on Twitter I'd upload...and I couldn't go back on my word and break a promise now could I? No, I couldn't, that wasn't the kind of person I was. It wouldn't have been a big deal anyways...but still...I would feel so guilty and horrible to disappointing my 'Lynnatics', at least that's what they called themselves. My brother's fans were called 'Beliebers' and mine were called 'Lynnatics'. Ah, people and their play on the words believers and fanatics... I sighed and looked at it. "Your phone is literally gonna explode" my best friend, Alana said.

I rolled my eyes, "Guess who it's from" I said getting my phone out because it's been vibrating all throughout my Econ final. It was Finals week and I wasn't going to answer it because I knew for a fact that it was from Justin and he needed me for some stupid reason, but I wasn't going to give in.

"Your so-called idiot twin brother?" my other best friend, Mari answered.

"He keeps calling and texting and leaving messages" I groaned out load.

"See what he needs, he wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't something important right?" Alana asked. Alana was always the girlie one of the group and also the pushover too. She was like the typical blonde Cali girl except in some ways.

"We have like an hour before the next final anyways" Mari added. I was actually shocked at her response because Mari was the complete opposite of Alana, meaning she was--based off what people said--bitchy, blunt, rude, and impatient. But honestly, Mari wasn't that bad, or maybe I was just biased because I've known Mari for basically forever. Not only that, Mari and Justin were never really, how you'd say...chummy chummy with each other. They got easily annoyed with each other and it was hard to tell when they were teasing or actually serious.

"Fine" I said unlocking my iPhone screen and called him. He picked up immediately, probably waiting for me to return his calls. I probably wouldn't have answered if he wasn't so damn persistent, so I had to give him props for that.

"'s my favorite sister who's in college?" I hear Justin's voice. 

I rolled my eyes before answering, "I'm your only sister in college, actually I'm the only one in college". Alana giggles and Mari scoffs hearing his voice.

"So how's your day?" he asked stalling for whatever he wanted. I was still tired and groggy and the one hundred and fifty question final I just took made me even more tired than I was.

"Boring and tired" I answered in the middle of a yawn.

"Come on, it's already eight Lynn" Justin said.

"That's pretty early for a college student" I said. 

" are Alana and Mari?" he asked, still stalling. I was about to answer but my phone was suddenly taken out of my hands and somehow ended up in Mari's.

"Stop kissing her ass and tell her why you're trying to make her phone implode" Mari said almost bitterly. You see, Mari was definitely not a morning person, she was almost always in a sour mood when we had volleyball practice and just so you know our practice started at six every morning and ended at eight, then our classes would begin at around noon, ending at about four. I stifled a laugh while Mari seemed very annoyed. Did I mention that when she's hungry she can go from cranky to absolutely going ape shit on your ass? It wasn't something you would ever want to see. And right now, I assure you, she is indeed hungry. Alana was the only one who reacted.

She quickly grabbed the phone from Mari, giving it back to me and telling Mari, "Mari! You can't say that! That's rude!".

"It's the truth" she stated not really caring.

"So what can I do for my favorite Popstar?" I asked returning my attention back to him.

"I was wondering if you could do a huge favor for's literally on my desk, you know the manila folder with the CD in it?" Justin said, hoping that I knew what he was talking about. Sadly, I did and I wasn't going to be a dick of a sister and not get it for him. He must have been desperate if he called me that many times.

"Kay, I'll be there in ten" I said.

"You're the best" Justin said.

"I know" I added before hanging up. I grabbed my keys and handed my bag to Alana who was going to our next class. We basically had the exact same schedule so we had a lot of our classes together. Mari was hungry so she was getting food at McDonalds and dropped me off to get Justin's stuff and to where he told me.

I didn't know if it was just me being too nice, but I always ended up giving in to whatever Justin had asked me to do. Mari always said it was because I was just a softie and a pushover, but Alana reassured me by saying it was just because I'm a good sister. Which ever reason it may be, here I was, covering for Justin. Again. It was annoying sometimes, but Lynn Bieber wouldn't purposefully not help her brother when she could. I had a reputation to uphold and he was my brother anyways. Ugh...the things I do for him...




*A/N: I have the original story on a different website but decided to make edits and changes...I don't want to make changes on the original (probably going to make it a different story...) WARNING: In case you missed it, this will have graphic and explicit if you still want's rated R, just saying...This is my first time writing this kind of stuff and my first fanfic I've written on her so...yeah

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