My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


12. Tough Tweets

Tori's POV

I woke up and decided to check twitter, see if anyone had tweeted anything. Harry and I were posting a pic today about us being together. It has been 5 days since the accident and harry has to keep the cast on for 8 weeks because of where the break is. I opened up my twitter account and looked through it and then headed down stairs.

Harry- hey babe you ready for the photo?

me- yeah but were not saying we're dating yet?

Harry-no I thought it would be better if I just put hanging out with @Totally_Tori!?

me- yeah cool

WE took the picture, we decided to just smile nicely and then of course Niall took a pic, then Zayn, then Liam and finally Louis. (how we took the pic =**, what the message said= "")

Me and Niall * with a sandwich in our hands* "Just eating a sandwich that @totally_tori made me. #shesthebest 

Me and Zayn * with leather jackets on* " Not Quite as badass as me yet @totally_tori but getting there! #shesthebest 

Me and Liam * holding forks* " forks all the way no spoons today! am i right @totally_tori #shesthebest

Me and Louis *Holding carrots* "Aren't carrots just great @totally_tori? #shesthebest

Afterwards we sat down to watch some T.V. I decided to look through twitter at my mentions. They were mainly mean nasty horrible ones from 'directioners' 

Harry's_mine: @totally_tori Who the hell do you think you are taking photos with the boys?

Niall's_leprechauns: @totally_tori why even bother?!

Harrygirl3336: back off @totally_tori , fat cow!

Zayns_chick: I'm zayn's badass chick not you @totally_tori. #sheisnotthebest

directionertime_moi: @totally_tori  fat, ugly, golddigga, get a life #gojumpoffacliff

daddydirectioner223: Liam is mine dont u dare take another photo with him @totally_tori #die

I turned off twitter and went to bed since it was 12 I thought i would have a nap then get up to go out later

----The next day----

I woke up and checked twitter.

@sexy_styles: Who ever you are @totally_tori keep your hands of my harry!

@forksnot_spoons: If you even think about touching my liam again I will kill you

The next week I looked at twitter there were always horrible things being said about or to me. Over the last week I have been starting to get Depressed and the boys are noticing cause they keep asking if I'm ok. I sat for about two hours reading tweets then I went to the bathroom and hopped in the shower and then got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a tank top. After I got dressed I sat down and read more tweets, I then went to Nialls room because I knew he had a pencil sharpener. I took it then unscrewed it.


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