My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


3. The holiday

Tori's POV

After the plane ride there. we get off the plane get in a car and drive to the house.

When we get ther Louis decided it was pool time, so we all got changed and went to the pool and of course i was last out so i took out my shall and covered up untili got to the door and realised the door was at one side facing the pool and the loungers were at the other side facing the door and pool so i stepped out and got near the edge of the pool so i did a movie scene where i untied my cover up and let it fall to the ground then they started to turn so i took a few steps and dove in and glided under the water to the other end then got up out the other end .By now they were all staring

Louis' POV 

OMFG that was hot i didnt know she was that fit either. I just sort of stood staring at her. 


Harry's POV 

THAT WAS HOT AS F*** !!!!!! 

Tori's POV

i walked over to a spare lounger and laid down on it to dry off.

Then Zayn spoke up "ok im just going to say it WOW!"

"pretty much what i was thinking" said Niall

"What do you mean?" i asked

"You werent trying to turn us on?" asked a slightly baffled Harry

I simply walked over to the pool stepped in and got soaked again then walked over harry and sat on his lap playing with his hair " This would be me trying to turn you  on" I then stood up quite contently and walked over to Niall and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the pool, we both jumped in and played about in the pool then it ended with me on liam's shoulders, Niall on harry's who seemed quite disapointed when i picked Liam and finally Louis on Zayns fighting. 

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