My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


4. more at the pool

Tori's POV

i got out of the pool a while ago and im just chilling now.

SUDDENLY a pair of arms grabed me and jumped into the pool with me, when i surfaced i saw the cheeky grin." LOUIS!!!!!!!" i yelled as loud as i could.

L- Oops?

T- Oops? noo you better run!

L- Uh Oh

----After the pool--

T- can we order pizza

L- PIzza!!!

N- YEAH!!!!

LI- Please

H- cool

Z- I'm not phoning or answering the door but yeah pizza sounds good.

T- *to harry* What was that about?

H- He dated the girl that answers the phone and the  delivery girl. And they kind of still get irratated when ever a girl goes near him

T- Zayn, harry told me about the girls.

Z- yeah?

T- Want to make them go bolistick?

Z - tell me morre

T- well i phone to rder the pizza then you shout in background something like come back and cuddle, then when the order arrives i'll be sitting on your lap and your arm will be around my waist then louis will open the door all the way the delivary girl will see then louis will be short five dollars then when i go to take it to him my cover up will fall off revealing me in my bikini and then i will take the money and come back take your hand and one of the pizza's to the kitchen.

Z- sounds good

--After the plan--

Z- that worked brilliantly

T- i know

T- who's up for spin the bottle 

*everyone agrees*

Z- Me first

* zayn spins the bottle and it lands on harry

Z- truth or dare

H- Dare

Z- snog Tori

H- sure..

tori gets up and walks over to harry sits on his lap and full on makes out with hm

Tori's POV

i sat on his lap and my lips touched his sparks flew everywhere, he ran his toungue along my bottom lip and i let him in, we fight for dominance and he wins but i puled out and go back to my place and act normal everyone is kind of starstruck. Its harry's turn to spin the bottle and he does it lands on Niall 

H- truth or dare

N- dare

h- i dare you to sit with tori on your lap for the next turn 

Up i get and sit on Niall's lap

Niall spins the bottle and it lands on Zayn 

N- truth or Dare

Z- truth

N - what game do u want to play next

Z- 7 minutes of heaven

L- me first

 louis spins the bottle and it lands of corse on me so off we go to the cupboard.

We went in and i stepped closer to him and my lips touched his and before i knew it i was having a make out ses with louis my best friend?!

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