Gotta Be You

Nineteen year old Jenna finds herself falling for Harry Styles when she bumps into him running from crazed fans. She tries to help and they get to know each other on the way. But through heartbreaks, make ups and break ups, can the two's love survive?

Gotta be You
~ Harry Styles Fan Fiction ~


4. Fan Girl United

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Sorry, so sorry, I haven't updated. This story is on seven favourite lists, and thirty one people are reading it. Literally, these small views mean the world to me.

These chapters may be short, but I can't really do much about it, my life is really busy at this time. My grandpa just had his birthday and two of my cousins came up - they are around my age and love One Direction except for one total country girl that loves the color pink and is really girly even though she's tough - it's hard to explain. The other one is One Direction and Justin Bieber obsessed, and even though I hate him, she gets kind of mad at me when I say I don't really like him. She is pretty tough, but like everyone else on this dang planet when we stub our toes on a freaking table or something - we lose it. -Sigh.- I must be a complete girl for saying that... ^-^ Anyways, without further ado, here you go my lovely carrots- chapter three :) or four if you count that pic and description of Jenna.

Harry's Point Of View

I grinned as the yellowy golden bus pulled up in front of Jenna's pale blue wrecked house. Literally, the roof was half caving in.

The bus driver was really young, a male around twenty six maybe. His eyes widened and he whispered a warning to me. I laughed. 

I could see a cute little girl around five that looked like Jenna in an odd funny way. But before the girl, who I assume was Emmy, could get off, fan girls ran and pushed the girl, making Emmy fall off the bus. "Oh shit," I grabbed Emmy and glared at the girls. "In the car Harry." Jenna gulped. "This is the worst day ever." I said, "At least I have you to make it okay," I said, causing Jenna to blush. Emmy looked at me. "Who you? Harry?" She asked, yawning and giggling when she was placed on my lap in the car. "Drive around my property. I own fourteen acres. I've though of selling it, but wild horses go by the river behind and there's a guy that makes dog meat looking to buy this property - so not a chance. I've made a couple of dirt roads that lead around the house." Jenna instructed. I nodded.

The girls were an inch away from us before I sped up. The bus driver was furiously calling on his cell phone, calling the girls names. "Jade! Maria! Emma! Rosie! Danielle! Tatum! Kristina! Cady!" There were more shouts, and only one short girl went back when she saw the rest of One Direction pull up. Paul walked over to us, pushing and saying things to the girls. Meanwhile, another body guard was outside the car, guarding the four other boys of the band.

I stopped the car, Jenna sighing in relief. Paul took me out. "Woah, a fan girl got in here did she?" Paul said, a smirk tugging at his lips. "Get out, please." Jenna hesitated when Emmy got out, fearing Paul. Before I could say something, Jenna's purse fell on the gas pedal and the car sped up, Jenna falling out.



Hopefully you guys will like my new book - leave a comment on a pretty baby's name that would match the name Styles ;) First commenter gets her name to be Harry's wife! That is if you leave a child's name suggestion. (Leave two girls names and two boys)

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