Gotta Be You

Nineteen year old Jenna finds herself falling for Harry Styles when she bumps into him running from crazed fans. She tries to help and they get to know each other on the way. But through heartbreaks, make ups and break ups, can the two's love survive?

Gotta be You
~ Harry Styles Fan Fiction ~


5. Co-Writing Contest!

Hey guys, I was wondering - is there anybody out there who would like to a be a co-author?


I will be only picking one or two right now, MAYBE three if I can't decide.


All you have to do is fill out this form...




What Do You Think Of This Book? (please answer honestly, because I can't make the story better if you guys don't tell me. just say it honestly... 'to be honest, it sucks'.):


What's Your Favourite Chapter So Far?:


Why Do You Want To Be Co-Author?:


Thanks guys for reading, and hopefully you are the lucky co-author picked. If you could write a quick paragraph or two of a way to start the next chapter.


You are welcome if you are a co-author to write a chapter! Make sure to take credits though my lovelies x


Okay, peace out French Fries!


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